Lost: 04/18/07 He Said

Man that is one booby trapped island. Last night’s episode was a Desmond flashback episode and I enjoyed it. I am a fan of Desmond. My friend Mo does not like him very much.

We learn a little more about Desmond and his past tonight. This guy has had an interesting life. It seems that he has tried to find himself and has failed at many things. We learn why he likes the word Brotha so much, too.

I really liked the whistling of the happy campers. Doing the Bridge on River Kwai whistle was interesting to see. I also liked the debate about the Flash and Superman and Jin telling the ghost story. That was very funny.

We needed a good fun episode with a sinister undertone this week. I was happy to see that Desmond is still a good man and didn’t let Charlie die. Who is the mysterious new stranger? Only time will tell.

I also liked the interaction between Sawyer and Jack. To see Sawyer actually win something on the island is nice too.

Allison didn’t see the show so I am not sure if she will do a She Said post.