Lost: Ji Yeon

Spoilers Ahead – If you did not watch the show then don’t read any further.

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This episode was a Sun and Jin episode. I’ll tell you right off the bat that I knew something was up with the dual flashback/flashforward that was going on. Remember that with LOST, the music is very key, so when we watched the begining of the show I said to Allison, “Sun lost a baby in a flashback.” I was wrong. What was happening was Sun was in Flash Forward but Jin was in Flashback. So we learn that Sun is the last of the Oceanic 6, she does have a beautiful little baby girl but Jin is dead. That was tough to take.

Sun and Jin – On The Island
Sun and Jin continue to work on Jin’s English. Sun decides to talk with Daniel Farady about the rescue efforts. Love him or Hate him, Daniel Farady is pretty honest with the survivors. He tells Sun that rescue is not the primary objective and that the captain of the ship is giving the orders. Later we learn that the captain is answering to a higher calling, to Charles Widemore. Sun decides that she and Jin are going to leave for Locke’s camp. This prompts Juliette to not only break Sun’s trust but to drop a huge bomb on Jin. She spills about the affair that Sun had. Ouch, even if he didn’t understand all the words, Jin got the gist of it. And Sun slaps Juliette, which Allison and I both loved.

Later Jin goes fishing, with Bernard (Yay Bernard actually gets some screen time). While out fishing Bernard talks to Jin about Karma. This leads to a very touching scene later where Jin realizes that Sun cheated on the man he was. Jin is a new man now on the island, free from his father in law and ready to be a devoted husband and loving father. He forgives Sun and they move on. Sun decides against going to Locke’s camp.

Sun and Jin – Flashback/Flash Forwards
In the Flash forwards we see Sun giving birth to Ji Yeon, a beautiful little baby girl. The delivery is not going well and the child is in distress. Sun calls out for her husband Jin many times.
In the flashbacks we see Jin scouring the city for a giant stuffed Panda to take to the hospital. He keeps getting phone calls telling him that it is time and where is he. I love how LOST did this because you really were guessing about what was happening, was it a flash forward or a flash back. However you have to listen to the music in lost, there is a whoosh sound when there is a flashback.

Jin eventually gets the panda and gets to the hospital to present the panda to the Chinese Ambassador. Sun has the baby girl Ji Yeon, a name that Jin suggested while on the island. The flash forward ends with Hurley visiting Sun and a very telling line where Hurley asks if the others (Oceanic 6) were going to be there, Sun says no and Hurley says “good”. Then they go to Jin’s grave.

I was sad to see that Jin is dead, but is he really or is he just still on the island. Also I am getting annoyed with the flash forwards only because I never have a clue where they fall in the timeline.

On the ship – Sayid and Desmond and Kevin Johnson (?)
Things are a bit strange on the freighter. Desmond and Sayid are locked up after the communications room incident. Lapidus brings the guys some food. A half dozen cans of beets. Before he enters the room he sees Regina acting quite strange. Later for no reason Regina in a heavy set of chains walks to the edge of the ship and jumps into the water. Desmond and Sayid try to rally people to her aid but the captain Captain Gault (I’m sure that there is some historical figure with the name Gault who can shed some light on the captains personality) ordered everyone to go back to work, Regina was gone.

Gault tells Desmond and Sayid that he is getting his orders from Charles Widemore. Then Sayid and Desmond get new digs. But the last person to occupy the roach infested room either blew their own brains out or had some help. The doctor is disappointed that the blood stain was not removed so he calls over the janitor to come clean it up, now. The janitor has a familiar face but a new name. Kevin Johnson, is really Michael. So now we know Ben’s inside man as well as the ‘friend’ to Sayid and Desmond. Also I think the freighter is making people a bit screwy. Maybe this explains why Sayid would go to work for Ben, the time on the freighter fries his brain.

Did anyone notice a commercial for Dyson vacuums during the show. Dyson mentions Faraday’s original vacuum invention or maybe electric motor invention. I thought this was an interesting commercial to play during LOST. Also I was reading the book Deep Storm and in it the main character mentions a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage is an “enclosure formed by conducting material, or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks out external static electrical fields. Faraday cages are named after physicist Michael Faraday, who built one in 1836.” (from wikipedia)

Next week is a Michael episode and I think the last one before a short hiatus and then we get six more episodes this season. There were going to be 16 but that number got cut back to 13 because of the writer’s strike, so we may only get 5 more new episodes for this season. I feel cheated. Check out what TV Squad has to say.

6 thoughts on “Lost: Ji Yeon”

  1. I am so confused by the beginning of this post and the adjacent posts… off to ice my head.

  2. This season has been a real tear jerker. I think it’s going to be weird knowing the outcome for some of the people…I almost thought it was a trick…like Jin was still on the island…but then I remembered that Jack said 8 survived originally but only 6 got off the island.

    What I don’t get is the Aaron thing…do you think that really is Kate’s baby? I’m just saying because I know he hadn’t been born yet-but Aaron should be considered another passenger. I wonder if the other person that survived and then perished was Claire.

    How about Crazy Ben though? Staging the death of over 300 people?!?! How did he get all those bodies? Creepy!!

    Mo’s last blog post..What once was “lost” has now been FOUND!

  3. Mo,
    Aaron is Claire’s baby. I think that the people who are not part of the oceanic six are still on the island. The Six are Sayid, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun and Aaron. Those are the six.

    Did Ben stage the crash? Maybe, but remember, don’t trust the captain. This season has been tugging at heartstrings. I haven’t felt it though. I’ve been trying to figure out the mysteries.

    The story that Jack told is a lie meant for a cover up, a cover up we probably won’t fully understand until the end of the season. If it is even reveals this season or not.

  4. Also remember the pit of bodies that Ben took Locke to and shot him. Ben and the original habitants of the island killed with gas the Dharma initiative group.

    Obviously Michael is Ben’s spy but I wonder if the note not to trust the captain is a Ben order or Michael trying to warn Sayid and Desmond?

    I get more confused each week with this show but love it. 🙂

    Raesmom’s last blog post..Vacation

  5. Most likely Michael’s orders are all coming from Ben. Juliette said last week that she got orders from Ben even though he was incarcerated. So Ben can give Michael orders. I am interested to learn of Michael’s adventures since he left the island. Will we learn of Walt?

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