Lost: Something Nice Back Home

Okay this is a recap, so if you haven’t seen the episode, please don’t read further because their will be spoilers.

This was the Jack Centric episode of the season. So we will cover Team Jack 1st:

Jack awakes to all that is not well on the island as Bernard is having it out with Charlotte and Daniel. He is angry and wants answers. Bernard is quickly becoming a very go to guys and not just a mild mannered dentist. His Morse code skills last week were quite handy and his crack shot with a rifle was crucial to last year’s final episodes.

Jack calms everyone down and then collapses. He has appendicitis. I hadn’t thought about this until Rose and Bernard were talking but on the island people get well, not sick. So why was Jack getting sick? I don’t trust this sickness either. Maybe watching this show has made me more critical and skeptical of the plot but I have this weird thought going through my head that something was implanted in Jack to simulate appendicitis. Or maybe something was implanted by Juliette during the procedure. I just can’t stop a nagging feeling like that.

Juliette needs supplies and sends Sun to the Staff station to get them, but Sun has no clue what to look for but Daniel does and he offers to go with her, Jin steps in and he is going too and so is Charlotte. Jack gives Jin a gun to take with him. We noticed in this little trip that Charlotte can speak Korean and that Daniel has a crush on Charlotte, uh duh! Anyway, Jin confronts Charlotte on this and makes her swear to take Sun with her on the helicopter to get her off the island. He has no plans for himself getting off.

Jack’s surgery goes well but Jack, the stubborn bastard that he is insists on being awake and on having Kate in the room with them holding a mirror. That is short lived as the pain is too much and Bernard knocks Jack out. Mr. God complex has to let someone else take charge for a while. And after the surgery Juliette confesses to Kate that Jack kissed her at the Tempest. But that he did it to prove to himself that he didn’t love Kate. I think he proved himself wrong on that one. Then Juliette tells Jack that she knows he is awake.

The Sawyer Bunch

Sawyer, Miles, Claire and Aaron are trekking through the jungle to the beach. Along the way they come across the shallow graves of Rousseau and Karl. Miles felt their deaths. He and Claire have a little bonding moment as Claire confesses to Miles that she shes things too, or has been doing so lately. Sawyer doesn’t trust Miles and doesn’t want him looking anywhere near Claire so he issues a restraining order.

While in the jungle Frank Lapidus comes flying out of the jungle at a run and tells the group that Keamy and his men are coming and they will kill everyone they find. The group hides and Frank steers Keamy away from everyone and he even covers for a cry from Aaron. Apparently that monster isn’t that efficient only one of the mercenaries was hurt. Also in the middleof the night the group is visited by Christian Shepard. He is holding Aaron. Claire goes to him and leaves with him in the middle of the night. When Sawyer wakes up he looks for Claire and asks Miles why he didn’t stop her. Miles in a very Sawyer way says that he had a restraining order so he couldn’t do anything about it. Sawyer chases into the woords calling for Claire but only finds Aaron.

Team Locke – No mention nor information about them this episode, but wait till next week. Next week I believe we meet Jacob.

Flash Forward – Jack

It looks like things are working out very well for Jack. He is living with Kate and Aaron and making a go at being a daddy, he even proposes to Kate. Then he screws it all up by being jealous and paranoid. Oh and he starts his downward spiral of abusing drugs and alcohol in this episode. I knew this would the episode for it.

These are mostly observations of the flash forward.

Hurley is becoming more and more crazy and is off his meds. He talks with Charlie every day and now Charlie has a message for Jack: “You’re not supposed to raise him.”. Jack is completely upset with this and shaken up. He leaves and stares at the place where Charlie visits Hurley hoping to catch a glimpse. Also Jack is going to be visited by someone as well.

Jack’s visitor is his father, Christina Shepard, but we don’t see him for very long. He appears 3 times in this episode too.

Jack reads to Aaron from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book that his father read to him.

Oh there is still a love triangle between Jack and Kate and Sawyer. Sawyer asked Kate to do something for him when she got home. Kate was on the phone with a mysterious caller and lied to Jack. Later Jack becomes paranoid (probably form the drugs he started taking and partly because of his personality) and found out that Kate keeping a promise to Sawyer. In Jack’s mind, because Sawyer stayed behind it didn’t matter what he asked her to do. Jack was the one who was there, not Sawyer.

So Claire goes off into the jungle. Miles can sense the dead, he also offers to take Aaron and carry him many times. Does Miles sense something? Hmmm…

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