Lunch with The Hot Dog Man

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Nearly two years ago I met Rob from The Hot Dog Truck. I think I had the best hot dogs ever at his truck. Rob used to run a Hot Dog Truck in Marlboro, MA. He’s no longer doing that but he is still talking Hot Dogs and doing pretty well at it. Hot Dog Man, as he is known, is an example of someone who has found a niche and passion and who is doing something with it. His blog, The Hot Dog Truck, had been dormant for over a year and continued to gather traffic because of what it offers people. Rob recently started cranking the blog back up and when he did he contacted me to talk about blogging and of course hot dogs.

So, what better place to meet than at a local hot dog place The Hot Dog Trolley (soon to be renamed and rebranded). The place is a quick 8 minute walk from work and well worth it. The dogs were delicious and priced right. Get this signature dog + Chips, Cookie and Soda, $4.00, and what is better Hot Dog Man got me my lunch, what a great guy.

As I sat down to dig into my Dogs He said that he needed to get a photo of my Hot Dog Money Shot. Well, I got one of him as well.

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While we were there it was Talk Like a Pirate Day (something I informed Mike, the owner, that was actually a holiday on September 19, I celebrate every year) and they were trying out a new dog called the Scurvy Dog, a dog with a BBQ sauce/Onion Sauce mixture. They also made cannonballs (meatballs in the special pirate sauce) and gave us each a container to try. I was so stuffed I almost had to roll back to work.

If you are in Framingham/Natick check out The Hot Dog Trolley over on Speen Street. Tell Mike and the crew that BenSpark sent you.

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  1. Drew- You work fast! I have a little blurb on the Hot Dog Truck for tomorrow- the Hot Dog Story won’t be up until the 17th. Good to see you, have a good rest of the summer!


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