Mad Gringo Contest winners

The results are in and the Mad Gringo contest is over. The first place winner is Joana. and she will win her choice of a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt or Sarong and a White Mad Gringo T-shirt.

A tie was had between Lisa and Mr. Fab. The most fair way to do this split decision was through a coin toss. And the winner of that coin toss was Mr. Fab and he will win a Mad Gringo Floppy Beach Hat or Caribbean Golf Hat in his choice of color and a White Mad Gringo T-shirt.

And the third place winner was Lisa who wins a Mad Gringo T-Shirt in her choice of color.

I will be contacting each of the winners for their choices, sizes and mailing information very soon.

Thank you everyone for participating in the contest.

Also a big thanks to Mad Gringo for such great prizes.