Martial Arts Stripe Test Day

Working through It
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00878

Today was Stripe Test for Andy, Eva and Me. Stripe Test happens every month on our way to our next belts. Andy and I need to earn 6 stripes to earn a next belt. Eva is at the level where she has to earn three stripes in order to get her next belt. That means that if we do well this coming month and pass our next Stripe/Belt test then we will each advance to a new belt.

After my test this morning I started the daily vlog and my intent was to have each of the kids talk with me about their testing experiences. Eva was eager to do so and I have included some footage of her test in the video. She is doing a really great job in class and really enjoys being there. It is physically demanding but she is really growing stronger and more confident each class. She did very well in her test.

I asked Andy if he would like to be a part of the vlog but he did not want to be part of it. Andy is struggling right now in his classes. He has expressed that he no longer enjoys karate and does not want to keep taking classes. We are encouraging him to stick with it because of all the benefits in the long run. He had to do some extra testing with one of the assistant instructors after his class. He did not fail the test, he just had to show that he knew how to do the form and could perform the correct kicks. What I love about the program is that the instructors on down there is a terrific way of teaching that is kind and supportive. I shot today’s photo while Andy was working through his form with the assistant instructor. I think that Andy may have been a bit embarrassed that he did not get his stripe with everyone one else in the larger class. He shouldn’t be. He still worked really hard and achieved the goal of the stripe. We’re just going to have to work on practicing more at home before his belt test and beyond. I just don’t want to see him giving up.