Monk’s Cover Kayak Trip

Kayak Trip
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00955

Today we took my Dad on a kayak trip for his birthday. Yes, his birthday was back in June but we finally got to do that trip today. It is like we have 3 weeks on the Cape but when we go down for 3 days we cram everything we tried to do in those previous 3 weeks. We had a very nice day to do the trip except that it was a bit windy. I say a bit windy and I mean Windy. Our initial paddle out to the point of an island was leisurely and nice then over to the bridge near Monument beach was also nice and easy. However, once we turned around it was wind pushing at us all the way.

At the Stop

We had two doubles and a bunch of singles. There were nine of us in total including four kids. Eva was in her own boat and Andy started out in his own but he swapped with Dylan on the way back. I also swapped with my dad and took the double kayak and Andy rode in front. Paddling back in the double was a workout but it was fun overall. I got a video of the paddle using my GoPro Hero MAX.