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Well we are at a stage right now where Allison and I must make some choices about fixtures and other items to have in the new bathroom. We went the other night to Lowe’s. How does one pick out a toilet without first sitting upon it? That question confuses me because if you don’t sit on it you can’t very well tell if it is comfortable.

More appliances means more boxes and that makes me remember back when I was in grade school when I showed my friend Adam my jackknife. It was rusty and dull. Adam sliced his thumb open. Adam was not allowed back to my house because I was a bad influence I guess. It wasn’t for years later that he could come over the house again. Had we had a safety utility knife That incident could probably have been prevented from happening. But probably not because he would have found a way to manage to hurt himself. He was like that. I think he had more concussions before the age of 10 than any other kid I knew. And he is a nuclear physicist now. I guess I should have taken a few more shots to the head in my lifetime.

Well enough about that. Here are a few photos of some of the fixtures that we are interested in getting for the bathroom.

The Toilet The vanity The Faucet

2 thoughts on “More remodeling news…”

  1. Looks nice…I especially like the faucet.

    Another thing I’d like to know before buying a toilet is how well it flushes. But that’s not really something they can show you at the store, since they’re not hooked up to any plumbing.

    Do NOT buy the cheapest toilet in the store, and be wary of the cheap *low-flush* toilets. Our landlady did just that for our apartment. And there was nothing wrong with the old one, I don’t know why she felt the need to replace it.

    This toilet cost something like $40 from Grossman’s World of Junk, I mean Bargain Outlet. I guess they have some good stuff there, but this toilet was not one of them. This toilet clogs up constantly, and stuff doesn’t go all the way down, we often have to flush two or three times. Now how is that saving water…defeats the purpose of a low-flush toilet. I remember the time when Mike had to run out to Home Depot on a Sunday morning to buy a toilet snake, because it clogged so bad, even the plunger didn’t work.

    There probably ARE good low-flush toilets, just be wary and don’t buy the cheapest one out there.

  2. I saw a toilet that can flush 50 golf balls. If you need that type than you probably also need a doctor because that just isn’t right.

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