Morning Walk Discoveries

Andy and the tree with a face

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00593

We took Andrew along with us on our morning walk. He doesn’t usually go with us but I figured that he should get a little outdoor time this morning. It was a great morning to walk, too. It was so nice and cool. Some mornings this Summer have been really hot really early but not today. Today it was finally cool and made for great walking weather, especially while wearing masks.

We walked around Capron Park a few times and there is this tree there that has a face on it. This is a novelty item that someone must have put on the tree at some point. I think I noticed it only a month into our walking. Now I see it all the time. The tree that it is on has an almost hollow bottom and I don’t expect it to withstand another major wind storm, but it may surprise me. We noticed a very colorful mushroom growing on the back side of the tree and stopped to identify it with an app that Allison has. I then thought to have Andy pose with the tree. While at first glance it does look like he is pointing with his middle finger, he is not. I myself had to zoom in to make sure that wasn’t the case.

Andy’s enjoyed having us to himself this past week. While he certainly misses his big sister he’s shown a lot of maturity around the house. I made sure to tell him, too.