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Okay so there are some movies coming out that I am looking forward to. I thought I would share them with you.

The one I am most looking forward too is Sahara. This is a movie that is based on the Clive Cussler Book of the same name. It is book 11 of the Dirk Pitt series of adventures. I sincerely hope that this movie does well because Dirk Pitt is one awesome character that would be great as a movie franchise. The trailer is great and I hope that this means a good movie overall.

The second trailer is for the Fantastic Four movie. It was being filmed in Vancouver while I was working at a site out there. I hope that this also does well, although I am not as excited about this movie.

The Third Trailer is for a Bruce Willis film. The name of the film is Hostage. I found out about this movie while at the airport bookstore in Boston. I saw the book and cover and thought, hey that looks like Bruce Willis, so I picked it up and read the synopsis. Sounds like a suspenseful movie.

The last movie is the Weather Man with Nicholas Cage, it looks like a typical quirky Cage movie. We shall see.


Fantastic Four


The Weather Man

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  1. I definitely have some doubts about the books which are made into films. I am one of those who is always after the original books rather than the poor movies and stuff. Take Lord of the Rings series as an example, I have read the books many times but the film was no better than ok. Sahara could be one of them, let’s keep our expectations higher.

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