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Another call for free wireless in airports…

I am stuck in the Philly airport, again. Every time I go to this airport I get delayed. This time the universe upped the ante and kicked me in the nuts with a cancelled flight. So I am stuck in the airport awaiting the flight I was rebooked on. I hate this airport.

Most days I would not care however today I had plans to meet people when I landed in Chicago. Luckily they are able to accomodate a change of plans, but what if they weren't able to do so?

What does this have to do with wireless access? Well the way that I usually communicate with the people I am meeting is through e-mail. I can do that via my phone if I had the e-mails, which luckily I did. But what about my time that has been wasted. If I was able to get online I could at least do some work. My time is valuable and since it is being wasted by the airlines they should offer a wireless voucher so I can at least do something productive. This airport has free wireless… on weekends. Whoop Dee Do. I am so frustrated.

Ask Jason Personal Tech

I often read Jason J’s blog Ask Jason Personal Tech, but I had never asked Jason any personal tech questions. I’m the guy that all my friends ask so why would I ask someone else. Well, I needed help and Jason is very knowledgeable so he went out and got me the answers to my question.

I’m looking to move my blogs including this one to their own blogs on a hosted site using wordpress. I would like to be able to host all my blogs in the same place on one host. That is the plan. However I have no clue how to host multiple blogs on the same account. Jason gave me the answers I was looking for at Ask Jason Personal Tech.

Thanks Jason I appreciate the time you took to answer my question.

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