Movies: Top 10 Geek movies from

I watched the episode about the 10 ten Geek movies. What I liked about the podcast was that the movies were about geeks and not just something geeks liked. I was happy to see Sneakers, Wargames, Weird Science and Real Genius made the list. I also think that The Goonies is never a bad movie to have on your list and neither is Office Space. I have yet to see Primer or Antitrust or Ghost World. They sounded interesting. The top movie went to Pirates of Silicon Valley, the one with Anthony Michael Hall and Noah Wylie about the rise of Microsoft and Apple. I remember seeing that one and found it very interesting. Since those two guys Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are basically the uber geeks of the world that choice was also a very good one.

There were some I think could have made the list but didn’t the most notable would probably be Can’t Buy Me Love. Geek becomes cool and then realizes that he didn’t have to give up who he was to get the girl.