My Digital Camera(s)

One thing that is never far from my side is my digital camera. And that is because I take at least one photo every single day. I have 3 digital cameras at the moment, one is a Canon Point and Shoot, the other is a Nikon DSLR, and the last is a Sanyo Xacti C4 combo video/still camera. Out of all of my cameras I like the Nikon the best. In our family we have three Nikon digital cameras. My sister has one and so does my father. It is a good thing that we have the same style camera because we can share our lenses with each other.

Just take a look at this photo that I got from my Nikon camera. This was for a previous Photo-Hunters hunt for things that are fake.

Photo Hunt : Fake 07/07/07

Without a digital camera I would not be able to take a photo each day without racking up super expensive bills, Digital cameras are allowing people to capture more memories at all kinds of events. Not sure what things would be like without one.

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4 thoughts on “My Digital Camera(s)”

  1. Say bye-bye to good ol’ films. All we need is a digital cam to capture the precious moment. The visual quality is really amazing. By the way, I’m using the same brand.

  2. I haven’t shot film in a very long time. I miss it sometimes however. I know I can print my photos and be able to hold them but I like the ability to view them on a computer more.

  3. like the shot! i hear what you are saying about the digital thing. when i went to yellowstone on a vacation in 2000, i ended up spending over $300 on developing my shots. YIKES!!

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