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While walking around Blog World Expo I ran into a Cart-Away Supply MixKing. I thought to myself, “Why?” “Why is there a concrete mixer on the floor of Blog World Expo?” Well, I didn’t have to ponder too long because I walked over and talked to Bruce from Cart-Away Supply about what they were doing at Blog World Expo. Cart-Away has advertised with traditional media for years and wanted to experiment by coming to blog world expo and to see how far they could reach. Well, a concrete mixer on the floor of a blogging convention sure gets noticed.

I interviewed Bruce about why Cart-Away was at the show and here is that short interview.

When I got back to my hotel room to work on this post I read the literature on Cart-Away. Cart-Away Supply is The Concrete Rental and Landscape Store. They can help contractors and homeowners with many different equipment items and they also are looking to expand their reach as a franchise. There weren’t very many specifics on the franchise opportunity but if you are interested in franchising from Cart-Away you can call 1-888-MIX-KING (649-5464) or e-mailing

As someone who has mixed concrete by hand for medium sized jobs for my Dad I can tell you that being able to mix up 1.75 Yard of concrete in a MixKing would have saved our backs years ago. I can see this business as a benefit to the small contractor and homeowner who isn’t looking for a giant concrete load delivered but rather just the right amount for the job they need to do. The Cart-Away MixKing looked like the right equipment for just such jobs.

I’m in no way in a position to start a franchise but I’d like to hear more about it especially since the economy is doing so poorly and housing market is going down I think more people will try and fix their existing homes and as the market rebounds and construction picks up again you would be pretty well positioned as a franchisee with Cart-Away.

If you are interested in how Cart-Away does with their little blogging experiment check out The Cart-Away Blog. Cart away offered nothing to the blogger’s of Blog World Expo except for the chance to aid in their experiment. I’m interested to see how they do.

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  1. Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for the visit to my blog. I got a huge kick out of Bruce and the guys from Cart-Away, they were very fun. Loved your write up and video too.

  2. This is awesome! I wish I had the smarts to think about doing the same thing. Checking these guys out now..maybe I can get in touch with them.

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