My Rack

I’ve got to get my kayak from place to place so when I first purchased it I also purchased a rack system from Thule. There are two major suppliers of rack systems, Thule and Yakima. Since EMS carried Thule and not Yakima I went with Thule. The answer was that simple. When I started Kayaking I did not do much in the way of research. I went out and bought a boat (heavy), paddle (heavy before I got my Swift) and a rack system (awesome).

Yes my original Rack system is the one I still have except for changing the feet from car to car and getting different components for bikes and kayaks over the years I still have the same one I started with. The first car I put my rack system on was a 1990 740 Turbo Volvo. I had the saddle type of holder for my boat. Since I was only carrying one boat it made sense to use this type of mount. I could have my boat and my bike on the car at the same time.

Then I met my wife Allison, she became a fan of kayaking as well so I picked up two sets of HullAPorts so that we could carry two boats at the same time. I am very happy with my initial purchase of the Thule system and will continue to purchase their products. Now, if I would only upgrade the boat I’d be all set.

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