New Leaves and Water Droplets

water Droplets
Photo-A-Day #2224

I took my Sigma 70-250mm Macro lens with the 4X Zeikos lens filter on it. I took the camera and put it on my tripod, switched to Manual mode shot a ton of photos. The problem that I was noticing was that with the large lens is that it didn’t focus sharply enough. This was the best out of all of the photos, and by best I mean sharpest. I do like how close up I’ve been able to get with these lenses. I’ll try some more close up things with my other gadgets tomorrow.

Today I went and saw Thor with my friend Russ. I enjoyed the movie. It was certainly a summer popcorn chomping movie. Some big fights, explosions and humor. I liked it very much. Thor is sort of a cheesy character but Chris Hemsworth did a decent job in the titular role. I think that Anthony Hopkins made a great Odin too. The cast was generally great.

Before I went to the movie I had heard people talking about how the movie portrays Thor as an alien instead of a Norse god. I don’t see a big problem in this because the explanation in the movie was actually pretty good. It explains both the Norse god thing and the alien thing. It sort of makes more sense that Asgard is another planet instead of some sort of ethereal Realm, I mean where is this other realm anyway, another planet actually made more sense to me. Ancient people explained things that they could not explain by relating things they couldn’t understand by making them into things that they do understand. So, by explaining that Thor is from another planet is a way that we can explain a different realm.

4 thoughts on “New Leaves and Water Droplets”

    1. The last time I checked, so there might be more. I need to go through them though and pick out only the good ones

  1. Drew,

    Intresting photo today. Too bad the focus did not come out like you wanted. Had you been able to get the water drop in focus it would have been an awesome shot.

    1. Andy,

      thanks. I probably should have used the other lens on this one. The really big telephoto lens is not as good for the macro shots.

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