New Monstah Hat!

Photo-A-Day #2455

We had to go to the Providence Place mall today to go to the Apple store because Allison’s iPhone was wonky. It was wonky because people could only hear her when she was using the speakerphone. So strange. We went to the mall and when we got there we went right to the Apple Store and ended up with a 2:40pm appointment. We had arrived before noon. So we had some time to kill.

We were also there to return a Christmas gift, exchange it really because there was a rip in it. While we were there we found this cute little hat for Eva. I loved it and I knew that she would look so cute wearing it. She loved it too.

We also had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a good lunch and Eva was so cute using the Doodle Roll to draw pictures for our waitress. It was a good thing that we had that late Apple Store appointment because if we had gone to The Cheesecake Factory any later we would have been in for a hour long wait.

We got back to the Apple store and I explained the issue and Wilbur, my sunglasses wearing during the day hipster genius went to the back and brought a new iPhone. No problem. So we got a brand new phone for Allison and headed home. I went to restore the phone and I did but the phone would not activate. So I called Verizon. They could not help. So Allison was without her cell phone overnight.

I also went and saw Mission Impossible Four with Uncle Mike. It was one of the best Mission Impossible movies I’ve seen yet. It was amazing and was so full of action. It did not stop from beginning to end. We had a great time.

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  1. Speaking of movies,have you seen Warrior with Nick Nolte ? It didn’t do well in the theaters but is now on DVD. The are saying Nick Nolte may be nominated for an academy award. Best UFC fighting, made me cry, movie ever.

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