Nextel, is that the option for you?

BlackBerry 7510One of my good friends had a Nextel phone. And he would use it often to just mess with his friends. I was in the car from the airport this past Friday and my driver used his Nextel phone to keep in contact with his other drivers. But mostly he used it to talk back and forth with the driver in the car next to us who had another co-worker of mine as a passenger. So who buys Nextel phone plans? Well, I suppose that the most common users of these phones are probably in the livery service or possibly in large warehouses where you can have the easy quick access of a walkie talkie and the reliability of a cell phone in one device.

If you want one of the phones with the most features then take a look at these phones from Nextel. There are also a number of free phones that are available from

If you need to instantly connect with your co-workers then Nextel and direct connect feature is going to give you instant access.

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