Opening Day of Snappy Dogs 2024

Opening Day of Snappy Dogs
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01928

We came home from the Cape yesterday and today we took a trip to Hopkinton to enjoy the open day of Snappy Dogs. Before that, however, Eva and I went to Krav class. It was sparring day and Evan and I did some sparring together. She is super quick.

Andy and the great dane

We made it to Snappy Dogs a little after noon and got into line. The ladies at the cart were very excited to see us. We ordered two big dogs and a Great Dane for Andy. Andy has asked for Great Danes almost every time we go there and it has only been a couple of times that we’ve said yes. Today Andy’s stomach was pretty empty so it was a go for a Great Dane. Andy polished that off pretty quickly, too. This was the first time that they put chopped onions on the hot dog and decided that they liked it that way. I got dill relish, chopped onions and sriracha mayo on it plus mustard and celery salt. I’m not sure what Allison got on hers but she did pick out one of the gourmet toppings and really enjoyed it.

On the way home I saw that the Transformers One trailer had dropped. The family got a big kick out of me tearing up while watching it. I’m very excited for it to come out this September. It looks awesome!