Ostrich Art

Photo-A-Day #2472

There is a lot of art on the walls of the building where I work. Sometimes when I’m looking for something to shoot I take photos of the art. Outside one of the bathrooms are two boxes and in one there are some bumblebees and in the other there are these weird ostriches. It is strange what is considered art and what gets purchased as art. We have this giant installation that was made from twist ties from sandwich bags. Bizarre.

Skylanders have become so hard to find. In every possible place they are sold out. When they do arrive in the stores they fly right off the shelves. Yesterday I stopped in at Walmart and saw that there were two Skylanders that we didn’t already have on the shelf. So I picked them up. Other people are picking them up as well and they are selling them for insane money on Amazon.com and Ebay. The figures are about $8 each. On Amazon they are going for $30. It is insane. I am sure that there will be a huge flood of them coming sometime soon and the opportunists will get stuck with their inventory.

MY friend Brendan tweeted me the other day that a blogger for Activision is giving away some three packs of Skylanders. You can enter to win just by liking his facebook page. You can find out more at One of Swords.

6 thoughts on “Ostrich Art”

  1. I was at toys r us yesterday. They had plenty of Skylanders. I had never heard of them but they were right next to a nerf gun endcap and next to that was some kind of water gun that used pellets. They were like airsoft guns with water.

    1. Lenny,

      The Toys R Us in Fram? I haven’t been there in forever. I’ll have to check ours again but there was nothing last week. Maybe this week.

  2. My daughter received Skylanders for Christmas but we still haven’t played it yet. I finally bought the second nunchuk that we needed so that both of my kids can play. I’ve heard that it’s very addicting.

    1. Mindy,

      Skylanders is addicting and oh so fun. The addicting part is buying the characters, unfortunately they are hard to find right now and people are selling them fro crazy money online. Wait and they will fill the shelves again soon.

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