Our Tiny Dungeon Adventure

Eva taking us through the tiny dungeon adventure

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00367

When we went to Granite State Comicon we learned about the game, Tiny Dungeon. This is a book that is a jumping on point for people to get interested in longer form RPG gaming like Dungeons and Dragons. We bought it at the convention but finally played today.

This morning Eva came into the office and she was interested in playing Magic : The Gathering with me. I had played once before at Hascon and that was the first and only time I had played. But we took out a deck and played. We went to the Magic website and watched a bunch of videos to get some learning in and we had fun playing. Not sure if we were right or anything but we had fun doing it. It makes me want to go and get all my Wildstorm cards out of storage because I may finally have a partner to play with!

Eva also saw my starter pack for Dungeons and Dragons, something else I had gotten at Hascon and started reading the book on that. She switch gears, however over to Tiny Dungeon and get right into playing that game. She wrote a 5 page adventure for the family to play. I now feel I must go and find some choose your own adventure books for her to read. Eva did a great job coming up with an adventure. She also dressed the part and loved being the dungeon master for the game. I was very proud of her.