You can’t call it ‘Crotch Rocket’ – PAD #1013

You can't call it 'Crotch Rocket' - PAD #1013

This is one of my Transformers. It is a motorcycle called Dirt Rocket. I don’t know where the first part of the name came from but the motorcycle is a style that can be termed “crotch rocket” or a “bullet in the head bike” or a “donor-cycle”. But I am pretty sure the folks at Hasbro were not about to call him that.

I hadn’t taken many photos of Transformer’s lately and I wanted to test out the macro lens on the new EC1. I am getting used to the controls of the new camera but I am not totally pleased with them. They are rather cumbersome and not as well laid out as the C4. With the C4 the still and video buttons were separated by the zoom button, all was easy to manipulate with simply your thumb. This camera is slightly larger, the still and video buttons are right next to each other, there is a separate menu button and the zoom is now below the photo buttons. I am still getting used to it but I do like how crisp the macro is and how close I could get to the top. It is only about as large as my thumb.

Frustrations abound as I am attempting to reformat the desktop computer. It is not going well at all. Luckily I backed everything up on my external drive on a daily basis. I am hoping that once I wipe the drive clean and start over it will run smoothly for Allison. I am also looking into upgrading it to better RAM. But I have run the recovery program about 5 times now and I cannot get the computer to boot back up without locking. Very frustrating.

I stopped messing with the computer for the night, let it rest. I did write a decent review of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I will have to introduce Allison to T2 soon so we can both be up to speed on the show.Mobile post sent by BenSpark using Utterz Replies.  mp3

6 thoughts on “You can’t call it ‘Crotch Rocket’ – PAD #1013”

  1. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I hope you don’t have Vista. I have not seen The Sarah Conner Chronicles yet. Actually, I don’t watch much tv except for a few select shows which are now either on reruns or not shown this season. Sigh!

  2. Yup, that is what I would call a crotch rocket. Transformers rock, I didn’t realize there were more then what was on the movie though, I heart that movie too, the ending is my favorite part. Good luck with your desktop, I really loathe when the one computer I do have, doesn’t work for me, get’s me all frazzled! lol.

  3. The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a pretty decent show. I loved the Terminator movies and this is a nice continuation of the story. You can catch the first 2 episodes online already.

  4. Oh believe me I know it is a crotch rocket, but I am a cruiser bike kind of guy, not these flashy speed demon ones. I can’t believe you only thought about the Transformer’s in terms of the movie. There is so much history to these guys. I have been collecting them for over 20 years. I started when I was 10. But the movie was good, search Transformers in my archives and you will see the extent of my obsession with them.

    I will try the desktop again tomorrow, we shall see if I have better luck.

  5. First off I am so copying your paragraph on using keywords. I’m having a hard time keeping them off my blog.

    Now, I drove through McDonald’s the other day and bought a Happy Meal and ended up with the boy’s toy, which is a Transformer. Want it? lol I’m sure it’ll fit on the crotch rocket.

  6. Thanks Beth, feel free to copy that. I am so sick of broken English comments with keywords as the names. It is like, duh, I know you are posting for a backlink and cannot read or write English, no thanks. No matter what I put in the comment policy I still get them.

    I didn’t realize that there were transformers toys in Happy Meals again, I need to go to McDonalds.

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