More Bars… PAD #1027

More Bars... PAD #1027

In more locations… That is what I thought about when I saw this flight of beers come to the table so I asked Sarah to drink them so that they looked like those AT&T commercials. And since she didn’t want to be in the photo she held the flight over her head.

We had a nice meal at Half Moon Restaurant and Brewery. We had some fried pickles and bottle caps, which are fried jalapeños. Very tasty. I also had the beef brisket sandwich, minus the bun. I took a photo of the tasty plate.

Beef Brisket and BBQ sauce...

I also shot my lunch as well.

Big day ahead tomorrow, gotta set up for my demos.

Today is my Mom’s Birthday.

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16 thoughts on “More Bars… PAD #1027”

  1. They are chips, the flash washed them out a bit and they have some salt on them that makes them look shiny too. But they were neither oily nor soggy. They were tasty.

  2. Great effect with the beers. now I’m thristy. Missed you at mom’s birthday dinner. Eva was wonderful, I think she’s claimed the seat next to Uncle Erik. Have a safe trip home.

  3. my mouths already watering .i really like pubbing and boozing and eating delicious food.

  4. It just kind of came to me when I saw the flights. I wanted to photograph them in some interesting way. Of course my anal retentive nature would have ordered them form lightest to darkest.

  5. I’d like to be home, looks like the weather will be against me tomorrow. Hopefully I will get out, but not too sure. I seem to be missing all the birthdays this year.

  6. Man, that sandwich with the BBQ on it looks like the bomb! I just ate, but that sure does make me feel hungry.


  7. It was a very tasty place. I didn’t have the beer but I was told that they were tasty as well. Just don’t go there for the wine list, it is a brew pub through and through.

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