Do you love Chocolate? – PAD #1037

Do you love Chocolate? - PAD #1037

One of the things I love about our town is the Downtown Associates of North Attleborough. There are many annual events that go on that are awesome for the community. One of the events that we have never had a chance to get to before is the Chocolate Lover’s walk. Today we had a great excuse to go for a walk with Eva. The Chocolate Lover’s walk is a nice little fund raiser for the association so that it can put on other events like the Santa Parade and the Block Party.

We started the walk at the Free Press, our local free newspaper. We saw our friend Betty Poirier, who is also our state rep. She also happens to be the mom of one my good friends from my childhood and we’ve known her for a very long time. She got to see Eva awake too. At the Free Press we paid our $5.00 per bag donation and got our list of participating businesses.

We started off at the credit union. Each business had a different kid of chocolate. Either kisses or a custom chocolate from a local business. The library had hot chocolate and one of the hair salons had marshmallows on sticks that could be dipped into one of 4 kinds of chocolate and then into sprinkles and other items. At our favorite downtown restaurant SoupWorks they gave us cookies and at an Italian Deli Constantinos they gave us Emily’s Brownies. Those are going to go great with a tall glass of milk tonight.

In all there were 32 local businesses that participated. It was such a great event to introduce people to many of the local businesses. For the price of a couple bags of candy you could get major foot traffic to your business to learn about the services that you provide. By the end of the day we had two bags of chocolate and they were pretty heavy. What a great event.

Here are some bonus photos.

Dog on Chocolate Lover's Walk Hello Windy Dog on Chocolate Lover's Walk
Allison & Eva on the Chocolate Lover's Walk Chocolate Haul... Getting Sleepy... Chocolate Haul...
Chocolate Haul... Happy from her walk... Better to see with... Mommy & Baby bond over chocolate...
Chocolate Monster...

Eva was a big hit in her sling. So many people stopped Allison to ask her about the sling. And at Shirley’s Chocolates and Tea Shop the owner came over with a teacup for Eva for her first visit to Shirley’s.

So I was looking for some local websites and I found a website that is purely MA. It is called Wicked Local and that is where the Free Press has their website. There is also a local photography spot so I can submit my locally taken photos. How fun. Once I get some photos up I will add that gallery to my sidebar.

P.S. – I wrote this while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Weird.

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7 thoughts on “Do you love Chocolate? – PAD #1037”

  1. I love this idea. What a great way to get people to visit the local businesses. Our library has been hosting an annual Community Showcase for the last 3 years to get people acquainted with local businesses, but it doesn’t involve chocolate. It does involve a pancake breakfast, though.

    Eva is adorable, as always!

  2. Thanks Anna,
    This was just one of the annual events around here, our downtown association is wonderful, they put on so many family friendly events, I love it so much more now that I have a family of my own and Eva is a big hit with everyone. Check back later today for some more cute photos of Eva, Allison and Me.

  3. Drew, those photos are magnificent. What great color and expressions! How are you collecting these shots for Eva for the future? It must be quite a quandry actually. So many photos, not losing them to a bad drive, how to show them off . . .

  4. Andree,

    I do a few things to back up the images. I download them from the camera to an external hard drive then I also upload them to Kodak Gallery from time to time and I have a second external drive that I back up the other external drive with. Nothing stays ont eh computer itself right now. As far as showing off the photos We got Eva’s grandparent’s each a digital photo frame.

    Glad you like them, thanks for dropping by.

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