Just like the beach… PAD #1040

Today I prepared for an upcoming convention. We needed to be on a closed wireless network. Access to the network was close to the atrium so I got situated under the palm trees. Sure it wasn’t just like the beach but I was so refreshed and awake in that atrium.

We got our new computer today. That is the good news. The bad news is that I didn’t get a keyboard and mouse because we already had one. My old keyboard is a ps2 one. There is no ps2 connection on the new computer. I have to wait another day to play with the new computer. I’ll reveal the tech specs tomorrow.

Watching Eva tonight. She had about 5oz of milk and completely passed out.

We have the computer in the living room set up with iTunes. Now I can watch Cali Lewis on a big screen. Sweet. I’m behind again. I’m hoping to get Allison as hooked on Cali as I am.

My Dad is on a motorcycle trip in Florida. Unfortunately the weather isn’t too great. Luckily he and his friend have a nice warm place to stay. With my in laws. I tried to get them on the web cam but no one was answering.

I was double tagged for a meme by Julie and by Courtney. I don’t do memes on this blog but I did one on The BenSpark Utterz. Check out Crazy 8s.

Tomorrow, the new computer will get set up.Mobile post sent by BenSpark using Utterz Replies.  mp3

2 thoughts on “Just like the beach… PAD #1040”

  1. Congratulations on your new pc!
    It looks really awesome! I’m curios about it’s RAM, processor and such but I’m waiting for your next post to read them!
    By the way, just how fast was that wireless connection? Does it go over 512 kbps?

  2. Thanks Joey, The computer pictured is not my new PC, that is my work laptop. All details will be revealed soon, check back tonight.

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