‘Evil’ Ted and ‘Luigi’ Andrew – PAD #1057

'Evil' Ted and 'Luigi' Andrew - PAD #1057

Today I went and visited IZEA for IZEA loco. It was a very, very fun day. I took video, photos and more photos. I am uploading them all to Flickr and will sort them out and make them public tomorrow. I have no idea when I will get the video edited. Did anyone watch the live feed of IZEA Loco? Did I look like a goof? I will write more about it tomorrow. I have to get to sleep tonight for our trip to Sea World Tomorrow. We are going to go and see Mo.

After IZEA we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and to walk around. I will also write more about that tomorrow as well. I had a really good day today. Much better than yesterday. And I got to hang out with Ashley today and he is feeling much better. I did razz him a little about yesterday and ‘abandoning’ me. But I was able to catch Lost so things are cool.

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7 thoughts on “‘Evil’ Ted and ‘Luigi’ Andrew – PAD #1057”

  1. Too cool Andrew, I love the green! LOL! Sounds like you all had a great time. Wish we were closer and could go to events at IZEA and PPP, but being a small blogger and a full time tax preparer keeps me busy, especially since I am a full time mother of two teens. Have fun at Sea World, I’m headed to visit the sandman now … zzzzzzz

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  2. Thanks GG. I can’t sleep so I am going to name all my photos that I took Yesterday and then get a post ready.

  3. Hey Drew – that’s a great photo! I watched IzeaLoco after it was all over, but felt like I was right there with you all! What fun… I can’t wait until IzeaFest 🙂

    My daughter Crystal is in Orlando now – and was hanging out with the Izea people this evening – and they phoned me! I talked to Ted, Jennifer and Travis – and perhaps more but it was hard to hear with all the background noise and tequila. Crystal said you’d already left – so I missed you!

    Have a great time at Sea World – and say hi to Shamu (or whomever he is) for me!

    Heather in BC’s last blog post..Who Phoned Me Tonight From Orlando?

  4. Thanks Heather,
    I had no idea that Crystal was going to be in Orlando. I would have stuck around a little longer to say hello. I have to watch the recorded video of the episode. Sea World will be a great time.

  5. Enjoy Sea World. And the warm weather. You’re missing another snow storm here. Give Eva a kiss for us.

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