Head for Higher Ground… PAD #1081

Head for Higher Ground... PAD #1081

Today I flew from Providence to Atlanta and then on to Tulsa, OK. Then I drove 2 hours to Joplin, MO. I thought I was headed to Joplin, KS (I don’t think there is a Joplin, KS, though). Tomorrow I demo in Parson, KS so I think that is what threw me off. You should have heard my mom when I told her I was in Missouri. The whole state is not under water.

On my way to Joplin I stopped in Catoosa, OK to go and have lunch at Mojo’s BBQ. To my dismay Mojo’s is closed. One of the best BBQ places I have ever been to along historic Route 66 is now closed. It was disappointing.

Then I made a stop over to the Blue Whale park. It still looks the same. I took a few photos for the next photo challenge, the April Challenge. the theme is Entropy. Unless someone repairs this then it will certainly be completely lost in a few years.


Then I drove to Joplin. I saw a Harley Shop one exit before the one I was supposed to get off so I hit the hotel first and went back to pick up my pins. I collect Harley Pins from every place I have traveled.

Harley Shop, Joplin, Missouri

While I was there I asked the woman working there of a place that would be nice to go to take photos. She told me about a waterfall that was down the road. She also said that she thought the road was pretty clear and no longer flooded. But man, the water was up pretty high.

low bridge

I drove over the bridge and then down the road a ways there were a bunch of cars pulled over and many people at the waterfall.


I didn’t realize it was such a major spot, but apparently people take their wedding pictures here as well as their senior photos. There was some interesting rock in the area as well.

So I walked around a bit and took some photos, then it was off to get some dinner. I popped over to Buffalo Wild Wings and had some tasty wings. An early morning tomorrow and a drive over to Parsons, KS. Yes, I am sure it is Kansas this time.

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6 thoughts on “Head for Higher Ground… PAD #1081”

  1. Sounds like you know where you are now. Too bad about the Rt 66 BBQ. Memere says you should have a life jacket in the car, you know her. i saw Grandma Theresa and she really enjoyed Eva. Stay safe.

  2. The scary thing is that I believe she said that. I will stay safe. I’ll try and find a different BBQ place tonight.

  3. Great photos, looks so pretty. I finally caught up at your flickr too and saw all your zoo shots, I’m impressed. 🙂

  4. Thanks Chica, so far I have 3 sets of zoo photos from Capron Park zoo. I loe going there as often as possible. The waterfall was pretty. I couldn’t find the best vantage point to my liking though.

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