Sunset at Dusk… PAD #1084

Sunset at Dusk... PAD #1084

Today I was up at 4:35am, got ready to head to the airport for a 6:00am flight. The flight was on time and the Tulsa airport is very easy to get into and out of. I even started my guest post for the Average Dudes blog. I had plenty of time to get things started. The flight itself gave me a chance to catch a few more Z’s and I read some more of my latest Clive/Dirk Cussler book, Treasure of Khan. I need to get this one finished before I see my buddy Ryan again.

I made a quick change at the Atlanta airport and then headed to Tri-Cities. I was very early today and today was what is called a travel day. All I had to do was get to my next destination. So I had the time and I went to see Drillbit Taylor. I really liked this movie. I was also a fan of My Bodyguard, and 3 O’Clock High. It must be that stories where bullies get their comeuppance resonate with me. I was bullied in grade school. But at the same time I did try and defend my smaller friends from bullies. That is what got me into my one major fight in my life. Another story for another time.

In the movie Owen Wilson is Drillbit Taylor, a homeless guy who is hired to be the bodyguard for 3 kids who are being terrorized by two bullies at school. One of my favorite parts was when the kids are interviewing potential bodyguards and as they interview people one of them is Adam Baldwin. I started laughing my butt off when I saw him because Adam Baldwin (of Firefly, Chuck and The Inside) was also in the movie My Bodyguard. His line was, “You’re hiring a bodyguard to defend yourselves from a high school bully, that is ridiculous.” He was also wearing a jacket similar to the one his character, Linderman, wore in My Bodyguard. I laughed right out loud and I figure that unless you were a child of the 80’s that one cameo would have made no sense to you. It is fun being a font of Pop Culture knowledge sometimes.

All in all the movie was good, it had a great Owen Wilson performance. He is an excellent actor and while he is still shadowed by his suicide attempt his talent cannot be denied. This movie uses his talents well and the kids that hire Drillbit are pretty decent in their own right. The character of Ryan was hilarious and had many of the movies better lines. The expressions and the acting was good. If you want to see a pretty decent movie, not a lot of swearing, many funny parts and some great awkward teen moments from some pretty likable kids.

I also wrote my latest IZEA Guest Blogger post titled “Phoning It In“. The post is all about mobile blogging with some focus on using Utterz for mobile blogging.

Today is my sister Tara’s Birthday, dad sent me a cute picture of Tara and Eva tonight too. Happy birthday Tara!

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  1. Well,the comment section of yours took exactly 5 minutes to open,but hell i kept waiting cause i wanted to reply.Well to start with,you blog is pretty beautiful i am enjoying it,just a bit slow thats it.
    Between you have 2 equally opposite things telling on your side bar.First u have kept A PAy Per Post option and below u have written that u got slapped by Google’s PR.Of course u will get slapped.Google doesnt like Pay Per post and has always been against Paid things.So avoid that and u will surely have good PR.
    Byway a great blog,and happy B’day to your sis.

    varun’s last blog post..Episode 276

  2. I remember that bully story well. If I recall, that fight earned you respect from your classmates all through high school. Stay safe.

  3. Why it took 5 minutes to load is not an issue with my blog. I have connected to well over a hundred different Internet connections and never have I had that sort of issue. This blog may load a little slower than most and that is something I will have to work on, however 5 minutes is a bit much. Not saying that it didn’t take you 5 minutes but I have never ever heard that before.

    As far as PayPerPost and IZEA is concerned, I’m keeping them. And I understand how PR works, and why things are the way they are. But I appreciate your advice. I just won’t be taking it.

  4. There were a few things that earned their respect. That fight was one of them. Not quitting the football team was another.

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