Double Bloom… PAD #1086

Double Bloom... PAD #1086

I like it when photographers have photo projects. And my online friend Chica has created a site called Photo Projectz. She has a challenge happening this week of placing photos in a double frame. So I downloaded her template and thought about what I would do for my photo project.

Today when I got home from my two weeks of travel (okay, I was home last week for basically a day) I met Allison at Fortune House for a delicious lunch. The women there were so taken with Eva. They actually took her around the restaurant and each held her. We love going there because it is so friendly and the food is so amazingly delicious and consistently so. After lunch I watched Transformers Animated. Allison and Eva taped it for me, what a couple of awesome ladies. Allison even taped a section on Good Morning America that featured our favorite Food Network Star, Alton Brown. He talked about and made a breakfast dish called Mess that he discovered in Feasting on Asphalt 2: The River Run. So I am pretty lucky to have Allison looking out for me. I was pretty zonked and fell asleep a bit during Transformers so I took a little nap.

After I awoke Allison and I took Eva for a long walk, we picked up some Chicken cutlets form Bob’s Market and I also got my shots for today’s PAD and double frame. It is very nice to be home.

Memere and Grandfather stopped up to visit. They were thrilled that I was home and doubly thrilled to spend some time with Eva.

Proud Grandparents
Memere, Eva and Grandfather

Standing tall
Grandfather and Eva

And we finally finished Season 5 of Smallville. Zod, The Phantom Zone, Cyborg, Aquaman, very cool stuff.

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8 thoughts on “Double Bloom… PAD #1086”

  1. I saw that FOA2 is out on DVD at the Food Network online store, and there’s a companion book as well. Wish he’d put out a book for the first season.

    I think I’m gonna go buy me a little present…

    Christine’s last blog post..Saturday stuph?

  2. I’m a big fan of Alton Brown too. Love him on Iron Chef. Nice pics of your grandchild too. I may try to order it too.

  3. Hi Orlando,
    The pictures are of my daughter not my granddaughter. Alton Brown makes Iron Chef Watchable, his knowledge is incredible and his books are fun, I hope that means another book signing tour.

  4. Now, do I look excited about being a Grandfather? Good to have you back. And I’m glad to see the signs of spring.

  5. Yep, you do look excited to be a grandfather now. Glad to be home. The signs of spring have been very nice around here. I can’t wait for the flowers to start popping up.

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