Entropy… PAD #1089

Entropy... PAD #1089

April begins Trevor Carpenter’s new challenge, The April Challenge. This month the theme is Entropy. So for one month I’ll be chronicling images of Entropy from all over the place. This is a local building that used to be used to make jewelry. It has been slowly falling into a state of decay for years.

So were you fooled at all today? Let me know.

What do you think of the changes I have made to the blog. I wonder if it is loading faster.

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9 thoughts on “Entropy… PAD #1089”

  1. That looks like it used to be a cool building. Such a shame that it’s allowed to decay like that. I guess someday, someone will buy it, tear it down, and build some ugly modern building on the land.

    No April Fool’s stuff here. I used to do stuff like changing the theme of my baseball site, and calling it “Christine’s New York Yankee Worship Site” for the day, but that’s gotten kind of old. So I just don’t bother anymore. I’m just happy that April is finally here!

    Christine’s last blog post..Tuesday tstuph?

  2. It needs some major repairs or a huge teardown. Also there are some environmental factors to consider because of the chemicals with the jewelry.

    Yeah this is your time of year.

  3. Glad you didn’t put in a picture of “Estate”, which is also in a state of disrepair. But it’s on the way to looking better. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Webster building.

  4. No, I wasn’t going to shoot the Estate for the first photo. I’ve been walking by the Webster Building this past week and each time I knew I would go there for some shots. If the weather is better tonight I’ll get some other ones.

    I do have to get the vines from the wisteria tree on the front porch though. They are perfect examples and have great textures and curves.

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