Cracked Plate… PAD #1098

Cracked Plate... PAD #1098

Back at home today after my demo yesterday. We were busy today. Eva had her 6 month Well Baby Checkup. She is doing great, she is 15lbs and 26 inches. She did great with all her shots and cried for about 2 1/2 minutes. Our pediatrician let us know that she is ready to start trying cereal. So we tried Eva on cereal today. It was fun.

Allison and Eva gave me some very nice birthday gifts including nice pants and a shirt and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Happy Birthday Daddy

After work I took Eva for a very long walk and I took a bunch of photos for Entropy and got this great one for today. The place was a font for new examples in the coming days. I will go on back there.

Eva did some bonding with Oliver. I can’t believe that Oliver stayed there and didn’t freak out and run.

Cat, Feet

Tonight Allison made chicken stir fry and we had my Mom and Dad , Tara and Erik over for dinner. Allison got me a double crunch Carvel cake with an Optimus Prime key chain on top.

The Power of Prime Cake

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13 thoughts on “Cracked Plate… PAD #1098”

  1. Thank you very much Hwei Ming,
    I am glad you like the photos and took the time to comment on this blog, twice. Very nice. I hope you come back as there are photos every day.

  2. Congrats to you, wrestling might be a little early, but soon enough he’ll be ready for rough and tumble. The cat only has safety till Eva is mobile, then he’s got to make for the hills.

  3. Mo,
    It was very nice. Are you thinking of going to attend IZEAfest? It is right in Orlando and we are coming back down for it. Early Reg is $50 for the three days, it should be so much fun.

  4. So far it is pretty fun, very fast paced. I do have wifi. Send me a note on Social Spark with your connection info and maybe we can play sometime.

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