Off the Wagon… PAD #1107

Off the Wagon... PAD #1107

Today Allison and I went with New England Photo Expeditions for a walking tour of Boston Churches. We met at the Old North Church and had about 45 minutes to walk around and photograph the place. Then it was off to Saint Leonard Church around the corner. That church had a very nice little garden with some great statues and I took some nice shots of the statues using my telephoto/macro lens on the macro setting. I like that lens much better than my other one. Then it was around the corner again to Saint Stephen’s Church for additional photos. After that we were off to King’s Chapel. In King’s Chapel their were people doing Tory Stories or rather telling visitors the history of the church in traditional garb.

After that we went to a cemetery and then to lunch at Beantown Pub. You can see the whole Gallery on Flickr.

I am not sure if Allison will be letting me go on any more of these trips as I got serious lens envy and really would love to get a nice Nikon FX VR lens. The DX VR lens I used was sweet, 18-200mm. I liked using that one. However, any new equipment is not in my future as our TV died today. It just up and died. I shut it off and it would not turn back on at all. Updated: TV is fine, just needed to be unplugged and plugged back in, lucky as my 2 year warranty was up in January, this past January.

And I used my PhotoTrackr today but when I got home I realized that I had upgraded the software but not the firmware on the device so I could not get the geotags from my photos today. I will have to manually geotag them. The reason I didn’t find this out before we left was that my laptop is acting screwy and would not boot up with the PhotoTrackr or any other program for that matter. I really hope I don’t run into any trouble in the next two weeks as I have some major demos during that time.

While on the trip I learned about this type of site, it is pretty funny.

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12 thoughts on “Off the Wagon… PAD #1107”

  1. Sounds like a nice walk, it sure was a beautiful day for it. I’m just sorry about all of your various electronics woes.

    I had to comment about that site you linked to, though. I actually made a Christmas card a few years ago using a theme like that. I had found this pic of Mike as a baby, and he was making this sort of wrinkly pouty face that he sometimes still makes now. It was so easy to see that it was him. So I scanned it, printed out a copy on photo paper, and then made him make the same face and took a pic of it, and made that into the card. The outside had the baby pic and *You Better Not Pout* on the outside, and the adult Mike pouting on the inside.

    They really do look alike, I should send the pics to that site. Thanks for the link!

    Christine’s last blog post..People. Are. Stupid.

  2. Christine,
    It is funny, there was a guy talking about people who are doing this with their old photos, and then I saw on Twitter that someone I am following posted a link to the site with the exact stuff I had just heard about for the first time today, that is so weird.

  3. I really like that picture, like how you framed it in the shot.

    Glad you got that tv working again, funny how sometimes it’s only a little tweak that’ll make something work again. Of course usually found out only after endless other tries. 🙂

  4. Chica,
    It is funny, I was fuming about it and fretting about it all day, I was not ready for another expense like that, we do have an old 19 inch that would have sufficed for a little while but that added expense made me irritated all day in the back of my head. I had bought one of those 2 year warranty programs on it too, it expired in January, so I went to the company website, their fix, unplug and plug back in, so that is what I did. Nutty.

    Glad you liked the shot, I hope you check out the Flickr gallery, there are a couple of good ones in there.

  5. Hi, Ben

    How are you?

    Somehow I have seen the above image somewhere before but I don’t recall where; maybe on some microstock agency. Anyway, good picture. I’ll be looking at your Flickr gallery too. Ben, I hope you want to contribute some travel images to be artistically enhanced & receive free links to your articles. Help increase your site’s popularity with the search engines too. Visit the Free Links section of my blog. Do browse the blog for some examples too. Thanks, Ben.


  6. Abas,

    I’m not sure if you realize that you kind of offended me to tell me that my original image was from a stock photography site. Click on the image and go to flickr and you can read the EXIF data to see that this image is mine and mine alone. Every single image I have ever taken was with my cameras and my equipment.

    Also I am not interested in having any of my images enhanced. Stop leaving ads for your blog on my comments. Do it again and the comment gets labeled as spam.

  7. Rukshan,
    Thanks for the comment. I didn’t really offer any information but that is okay, you weren’t here to actually leave a comment but to drop some keywords in your comment for links, guess what, I removed them, read my comment policy and you will know why.

  8. Of course I guessed as much that it is your photo, Ben.

    I was complimenting on your photo like it was good enough to be on a microstock agency. I’m sorry you took it the wrong way. Why would you think that I though you bought it off a microstock agency? hhmmmpph. Chao, dude.

  9. Abas,
    I’m sorry about that, but the way you wrote the first comment did not sound like a compliment at all. I was a bit touchy over it and took it to heart. I apologize for flying off the handle.

  10. Hi Peter,
    It was also nice to meet you yesterday as well. I visited your blog and your photos, great stuff, I’m adding you to my feed reader.

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