Great Meadows… PAD #1115

Great Meadows... PAD #1115

Why this is called Great Meadows is beyond me. The place is covered in water. This is a national refuge in Concord, MA. We went there today to meet up with the NEPE from NEPE stands for New England Photography Expeditions. This was our second event together (and with Eva) and this time our friends Neil and Andrea came along as well. Andrea is a font of technical knowledge with the camera, knowledge that I have to learn and apply to my photography. We talked Cameras and Neil and Allison walked along as well and took some additional photos with their point and shoots. I think we are going to have to borrow one of the family cameras on our next trip so Allison can use a DSLR also.

The day was very nice and afterwards the five of us met up with three of the photographers from the event to swap cameras and see how everyone else did and to have some lunch at a nice little shop on Main street in Concord. I took a bunch of photos and you can see them on this Set on Flickr. I haven’t had time yet to write descriptions of everything however.

Descriptions are in and the images are part of a set, here are 5 random ones from the set, click any one to go to Flickr.

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