Eat Dessert First… PAD #1121

Eat Dessert First... PAD #1121

I caught up with some friends tonight at TGI Friday’s. Derek and Michelle are in town from good old Yankton, SD. They moved there this past year and are home for a few events. The group went bowling tonight but I was at the Wing Off at that time so I missed it. But I did catch up for dinner. Well, I was pretty stuffed from earlier in the day so I only had dessert, which I ate first. Life is unpredictable, sometimes you have to do that sort of thing from time to time.

Today was a busy day, I rolled out of bed very early and got a ton of blogging done. I wrote a couple of reviews. One for the comic book series Rising Stars and the other for a book Shelby about a lemon shark (It is on Read To Me, Dad). Then I shot over to the comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. From there I ran up to the High School for the 2008 Strut Your Mutt Event. There I took a bunch of photos of people and their dogs. I found that it is much easier taking photos of people who have pets with them than it is just asking someone for a photo. And that brings me to the Wing Off. I went there and brought along the camera to take more photos but I pretty much froze up on taking photos of the attendees but I did take many of the participants.

Then I did a lot of photo processing when I was at home so I could get all the photos from both events up for people to go see. I did it so fast because I handed out my blogger business card to many people and who knows it might turn into a photo gig at some point, who knows. Well, it is getting late and I have a few more things I’d like to do tonight because Guy Weekend ends a day early as tomorrow I have many things around here that I would like to get done.

Also going to the Strut Your Mutt really made me want a dog, this dog.


This is General, he is 10 years old and very gentle and friendly. He just shouldn’t be in the shelter, he should have a home. I would love to adopt him but right now it would not be feasible in any way to care for him properly. Not with two cats and a baby to care for already.

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  1. It’s so hard to not take them ALL home! My dad and his wife volunteer their home and land as a temporary home for tons of stray animals. They have about 35 animals right now, but have had as many as 60 at once. They’ve helped place over 2000 animals in central Florida, but it has certainly been difficult at times. I’ve learned from watching them that you can’t take home every animal you see, no matter how badly you want to help. My dad tells me all the time that by taking in and taking care of my dog and cat that I have already done more than most. I’d offer the same advice to you!

    Eddie Christy’s last blog post..Fruits of My Labor – Photo A Day #13

  2. Thanks Eddie,
    I know that we have done our part by adopting our cats. I love them but I know I am still a dog person on the inside too. And I of course followed your link and there were a bunch of beautiful faces looking back at me that I’d love to take home too. Your Dad and his wife do a wonderful thing.

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