Iron Man… PAD #1133

Iron Man... PAD #1133

I love Twitter. I have to say that because I posted on Twitter that I was unable to get one of the Free Comic Book Day Iron Man Heroclix and now I have one. The reason I have one is that the ‘Awesome‘ Andrew saw my tweet and he had 3 of them and out of the goodness of his heart he went and sent me one of his. That my friends is Twitter in action, so I wasn’t freed from prison in Egypt but I did get something I wouldn’t have had without Twitter. And this is also not to diminish the fact that Andrew is super ‘Awesome’ for getting me my very own Iron Man Heroclix. I brought it to the office today and put it on my desk to add it to the menagerie of toys that already live there. Thanks Andrew!

Allison sent me a link today and the event sounded so cool I had to get tickets. So here is a widget that shows information about the event. It is a cruise with Ellis Paul.

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