Waves crash… PAD #1135

Waves crash... PAD #1135

Today I went to our house on Cape Cod to give my Dad a hand getting things ready for next weekend. We’ll all be down for the Memorial Day weekend and some cleaning and whatnot needs to get done before that can happen. Dad’s been working like crazy getting some improvements made to the house and this summer things might be in flux for a while but when everything is buttoned up it will be really very nice.

It was nice to take a quick little walk today to take a few photos by the water. Since no one is at any of the houses on the ‘private’ beach I was able to get some photos of the pilings and the birds on them.

Today I also set up a wireless router for the house. I am so ready to telecommute from the Cape from the front porch. That would be awesome. I haven’t yet tested the signal strength of the router but it is Wireless N so that is pretty decent (I guess). It works and that is good enough for me at the moment.

Tonight Dad and I went to see Iron Man at the Falmouth Cinema Pub. This is just like the Route One Cinema Pub that Allison and I go to on occasion. It is just like that place because the guy who runs the Falmouth one also runs the North Attleboro one. The Falmouth one was built into the old Falmouth movie theater. I am so glad that a movie theater is here in Falmouth again and I don’t have to head off to Mashpee to see a movie. I hope that next weekend I’ll be able to see Indiana Jones at the Falmouth Cinema Pub.

Seeing Iron Man 3 times in three weeks was still work the price of admission. This time I kept my eyes open for the Captain America Shield. I saw it. It comes up during the scene where Tony is having his armor removed after the dogfight and is caught by Pepper. It is over his right shoulder on a desk in the background. You only see it for a second or so but it is there. In the comics Tony Stark adds some improvements to the Captain America Shield at some point in the timeline. I wonder if Tony will create the Shield for ‘Cap’ in the Captain America movie or if it will be created by someone else? Seeing the movie again for the 3rd time there were some things that I picked up that seemed to be plot holes or flubs. For one thing when Pepper goes to the office to hack the system she leaves and is driving Tony’s Audi. Later when Rhody comes to the aid of Tony at the Mansion he leaves in that same Audi. Are we to believe that Pepper has the same Audi as Tony? Also Obie has scientists set up Sector 16 ‘under’ the Arc Reactor but when he goes to them they are standing in front of it. So are there two arc reactors? It seems like this was some sort of mistake.

As I was writing this my computer totally blue screened me and automatically reboot. So I was luckily able to get on my Dad’s computer and finish up the post and upload the photo. Glad I installed the wireless network today.

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8 thoughts on “Waves crash… PAD #1135”

  1. cape cod looks like a great place to work with your camera.
    That was really a nice shot with your cam,

    i guess you can start selling your pics, and earn money to reach your target. Your pics are of good quality..:-)

  2. That a pretty picture. I love the ocean. When I visited the Boston area, that was only my second time seeing the ocean. The Boston Harbor was gorgeous, as was Maine’s shores.

    I have yet to see Ironman, am waiting for it to get on DVD, I’m excited for it though. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Photohunt: Candy

  3. Hi Greeneyezz,
    I love the Cape, been going there since I was 7. It ended up being a beautiful weekend too.

  4. Chica,
    Boston Harbor is cool, it is much cleaner than it was. Maine however is awesome. I love going to Maine. Iron Man is pretty sweet. And I really enjoyed it each time.

  5. Thanks for getting us on line and thanks for the help. That is a great photo, maybe I can get a copy to the owner of the property. I enjoyed the movie , but didn’t seem to see what you saw. I hope you and Tara can spent a lot of time on the porch with your laptops this summer, that’s what it’s all about. Have a safe trip, Dad.

  6. Dad,
    No problem about getting you online. My plan to defrag the hard drive on the drive home didn’t work. I may actually have to go to our help desk for help. I’ll get you a copy for the folks across the street. The shield was only on for a second and I missed it the 1st two times I saw the movie, seeing it a third time I started to pick up on the things int he background and not just the action. It was nice spending time with you this weekend. We are looking forward to next weekend.

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