Shreveport, LA. Riverwalk…PAD #1139

Shreveport, LA. Riverwalk...PAD #1139

Another whirlwind day. I started in North Carolina, flew to Dallas and then on to Shreveport, LA. I had a demo the first thing this morning and it went pretty well. Then I drove back to the airport to catch my first flight of the day, no problems. I flew on to Dallas and caught my next flight. I did land 10 minutes before boarding in a different terminal than my next flight but I ran/walked fast all the way and had plenty of time to spare. That flight was fine and I was really getting into my book, The Last Templar, so the time went by quickly.

When I was at the Raleigh Durham airport I walked by this facade of a VW peace bus. I noticed that a bunch of people had put stickers on the bus over time. It didn’t look like anyone minded much so I took one of my Mad Gringo stickers and added it to the bus. I think it works pretty well there. The restaurant was a beach themed one and Mad Gringo is perfect for the theme.

Mad Gringo in Raleigh Durham Airport

When I arrived in Shreveport I went right to the hotel and caught up with the other demonstrators as they were headed out for dinner. We went to Salt Grass over on the Riverwalk. Tomorrow when my demo is over I will go get changed and head over there to explore the place. I called it an early night and headed to the hotel. I caught CSI New York and am noticing a trend in the CSI finales this year. Spoilers and conjecture. Each one leaves you wondering about a key CSI player. I am surprised that they didn’t put Grissom in harms way as well. My predictions are that Mac will get out of this fine, Caine’s death is a fake out and unfortunately Warrick is dead.

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17 thoughts on “Shreveport, LA. Riverwalk…PAD #1139”

  1. Eddie,
    I zeroed in on those as well and had one of them. I could have eaten a bunch of them they were so tasty. That was my best part fo the meal.

  2. Mr. Fabulous is just a little heavy on the exaggeration there. Shreveport has by far the lowest crime rate of the three largest cities in Louisiana.

    Glad you seem to be having fun in my wonderful city given the short time you have here. We’re glad to have you.

  3. Fab,
    Dude, I am still here. I fly out tomorrow morning. I’ll be careful. And don’t post things like that here, my mom reads it and will think I am in danger. Do you want to get that call from a hysterical mom, gee thanks man.

  4. Brian,
    So far it is a pretty nice place. I’m hitting the Riverwalk as soon as I respond to my e-mails and comments on the blog. I gotta go grab lunch.

  5. Drew,Eva was very good at the diner last night.She’s was checking everyone out. Give me a call. Have a sft trip home.

  6. Glad everyone had a good time. Looks like we won’t be coming down till Saturday, will just be easier on our mental health to wait.

  7. I see you were in Dallas for a bit…that is long enough to go from one terminal to another???:) Did American Airlines pose any problems? They are all over the news here (Dallas)regarding the future massive layoffs as well as the upcoming charges for checking bags. Hope your short time here was good! By the way, great pictures of Shreveport.

    Ellen’s last blog post..A Good Night’s Sleep Makes For a Better Day

  8. Ellen,
    I’ll be popping back through tomorrow as well. I have a quick flight to Dallas and then a transition to a flight to Boston. I have to admit I haven’t been that up on the news lately. But I did see the charging for bags thing.

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