Great-Grandparents… PAD #1143

Great-Grandparents... PAD #1143

That Eva is a lucky little kid. She has 4 grandparents and 8 great-grandparents. And each and every one of them loves her so much. Tonight my Dad’s parents came over with their friend Edie. Grandma was thrilled to see Eva and they spent much time together. Eva also watched a little of the Red Sox (as they lost) with Grandpa.

The day was a nice one with a long walk up and around the harbor with Allison and Eva. Then later with a cookout with my grandparents. I also slipped a nap in (Gotta love the Cape and the time to be able to take a solid 1-2 hour nap).

I’ve been tearing through the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I’m partway through the first book and will be getting the rest of them if the story continues to be as fun as it has been. In school my favorite books and classes were all about Greek mythology and I love that this stuff is being retold in a very modern and exciting manner. The storytelling hooked me in with the first line. Percy Jackson, our hero, is 12 and he is about to be kicked out of another boarding school for causing trouble. So far Percy has proven to be less of a whiner than Harry Potter even though a close family member dies in the first couple of chapters. Percy finds out that he is very special and the adventure begins. I don’t want to give up much more because the story is a very good one. And knowing a fair amount of Greek mythology has helped me see what is coming in some instances and understand things in other instances. I’m glad to hear that there are three other books already out so I can devour them as soon as possible. Something to tide me over while I wait for the 3rd and final Eragon: Inheritance book, Brisingr to be released September 20, 2008.

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4 thoughts on “Great-Grandparents… PAD #1143”

  1. Kim,
    She certainly is a lucky one. And she delights them all. It was especially nice having grandma and grandpa over yesterday. They got a big kick out of Eva’s antics.

  2. Maggie,
    It is very unusual for things to have worked out this way. We are very lucky and grateful too.

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