Editables… PAD #1166

Editables... PAD #1166

Today’s photo is a bit different. I took the photo this morning before I went to work. I still had the Fisheye lens and had to mail it back to Borrowlenses.com today so I wanted a couple more photos taken. When I got to work I took a bunch more photos of Optimus Prime. I thought that they came out pretty nice. I then read a couple of my favorite blogs and of course Chica X was up to something and I wanted in on it. She posted about wanting some raw photos that she could edit. So I sent her two of mine. She edited both the Photo-A-Day and this one of Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime, Edited by Chica

I think they came out excellent. So technically I did not violate my own Photo-A-Day rules. I took the photos but Chica did the editing. Way to go Chica.

After work I shot home and went to see The Incredible Hulk. I really enjoyed the movie. There were so many great things about it. I will have to do a review on it. After that I went to the mall because I had to get a T-Mobile sim card because I have a Nokia N3555 for the next few weeks to test out and review. I got it from WomWorld. They found me on Flickr and asked if I’d like a trial. I’d have to buy some minutes and they were supposed to send me the PAYG Sim card (that didn’t arrive I need to tell them about that) but no matter it was a couple of bucks. So I have enough minutes now to test the phone for the next couple of weeks. Would you like a call from me on the Nokia 3555? If so send me a private e-mail at benspark at benspark dot com with your number and we can chat sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I also went to Best Buy and Circuit City because they have been running promotions where if you buy a movie you can get tickets to some upcoming movies. I picked up HellBoy and Snatch at Best Buy and each movie came with a digital copy as well as an e-ticket for Hancock. Then at Circuit City I picked up Serenity and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and with each I got one ticket to Either, The Hulk, Hellboy II, Wanted or The Mummy. I’d like to see all of those movies. And so for about $40 in movies I got $30 in movie tickets. Not that shabby.

Make sure you listen to today’s utter.

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8 thoughts on “Editables… PAD #1166”

  1. You just get all the cool gadgets don’t you? lol right on. My husband loves Best Buy, there was one point there where we used to go every weekend just to look at what new things they had, of course you could always find me in the camera aisle, and him in the computer/monitor aisles. 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..What a difference the Merge tool makes…

  2. Chica,
    I wouldn’t be that envious. I got the phone, had to pay for minutes and sim card (not being reimbursed) and I’m writing a post about it.) This may lead to other reviews so I’ll be grateful. I used to go to Best Buy all the time in NH when I had disposable income to burn.

  3. That Chica, she’s something else. Nice pics, btw.

    I had the chance to review the 3555 as well. Too bad I don’t have it anymore, I’d call you. It’s got great sound, but the camera is terrible. Feel free to read my review, which is not so technical, but focuses (no pun intended) more on the camera part.

    pete’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 23

  4. That is a good review Pete, can I borrow your disclaimer. Also did you have a T-Mobile account or did you have to go buy a sim card? And have they sent you anything else?

  5. Rachel,
    No problem. I visit when I can. Transformers are my all time favorite. I enjoyed the hulk, I hope that you and your family like it as well. It is really a fun movie.

  6. My son is such a huge Transformers fans. Just too bad that my older brothers have lost their old Transformers when packing and moving from the States back here (Malaysia).

    Anyways, the pics are amazing! I love the look and feel of it.. truly gorgeous pics.. and gorgeous editing! 🙂 Kudos to Chica!

    Btw, my sister just watched The Incredible Hulk. She was totally raving about it. She said it was better than The Hulk (Eric Bana version). I adore Edward Norton.. and I can’t wait!

    Shemah’s last blog post..Vegas anyone??

  7. Shemah,
    That is too bad that the Transformers were lost. I have all of mine from when I was a kid and that one I have two of them, one in the box and one on my desk at work. Optimus is my favorite character.

    This Hulk movie was a much, much better one than the Eric Bana version. I liked that one a bit when it came out but this one blew it away.

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