Sunset in Warren, RI… PAD #1168

Sunset in Warren, RI... PAD #1168

Tonight after work I went to visit my friend Meghan. She has been working on a video project for a family party and wasn’t sure what to do next in order to save it and make it ready for playback. So I have been her technical adviser since we caught back up with each other at our 5 year high school reunion. Ever since we have advised each other on diet, exercise, money and technology. And each time we get together it is filled with animated conversation.

After we worked on the video Meghan had a surprise for me. She had asked me to bring my camera and she had me take a few pictures of her with her mom. And then the surprise was that she had a couple of kayaks and we could go for a little paddle around the harbor. Even though Allison and I had some major problems with a two person kayak in the past I opted for that one. I chose that one because we had cameras with us and one person could hold the kayak steady or maneuver it into place while the other person shot pictures. Oh man that is so much easier to take pictures when someone else is steadying the boat. So that I how I got today’s Photo-A-Day. I also got these other shots as well.

Kayaking w/ Meghan
Meghan took quite a few photos backwards, I wonder how they came out. I should have grabbed copies.

Sunset in Warren, RI
I loved the clouds on the water on this one and the sun flare.

Kayaking w/ Meghan
Intentional use of fill flash so that I could get even lighting.

After our kayak trip we went to dinner and had a very nice meal and then it was time to head home and maybe, just maybe get to bed before midnight once this week.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working on a secret project with Chica. Well, the secret is now out. We have created a group on Flickr called Second Shotz. The group was created so that we could give many people the opportunity to edit the same shot and then post it. Each week we will choose the best three and spotlight them on our blogs. Chica even made a badge that all people participating in Second Shotz could display on their blogs.

Second Shotz

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6 thoughts on “Sunset in Warren, RI… PAD #1168”

  1. Thanks MC,
    The water was very calm, it was a perfect night for being on the water. If the breeze was stronger it would have kept the bugs away but I’ve got no real complaints.

  2. That picture of the sunset and sailboat is definetly a many copy reprint, framed as a gift. (Hint) Also potential money maker.

  3. Dad,
    It might just be. I will have to list this on a few sites to see if any income comes from it.
    And potentially frame it for gifts too.

  4. I never got a chance to write after you visited on Thursday. It’s 6/23 and I am just dead right now from the crazy events of this past weekend. These photos came out great. I’ll definitely send you some. The shots from my camera came out awesome, some classics!! Thanks again for everything! Have fun in OK city.

  5. Meghan,
    I look forward to seeing the pictures. I put the best of the best on this post, not including the ones of you and your mom of course. I need to edit off the dust spots to make them better. Man I wish I had caught that. I had a great time and hope you can come down some weekend to the Cape or if we come out to visit you to go kayaking. Maybe visit you. I’ve got to get Eva a life jacket. I think she will enjoy kayaking.

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