Cat Fancy… PAD #1195

Cat Fancy... PAD #1195

Today after work and after an oil change and tire rotation and picking up my comic books I went and took some photos over at the shelter. This is Oliver, not our Oliver but the one at the shelter. He is a cheeky rascal and likes to paw at you. He’s big into playing and we had a fun time trying to get shots of him while he played with this toy. I hadn’t been at the North Attleboro Animal Shelter for a while and in that time there were many adoptions including today’s Pet of the Week, Millie. I should have known that she would have been adopted, I mean look at that face, what a sweetie. In the past month or so the shelter has moved a lot of animals and they’ve gotten a bunch more.

The saddest thing that Karen showed me was a kitten that had one leg covered in Tar and some other things, then the vet took car of getting everything off they found that the kitten’s bone was sticking out of its foot pad. She showed me a photo of it and well, I didn’t really want to see that but I did. It was so sad. That kitten and his brother need to be adopted together. Karen will be sending me photos of them so I can post up a blurb about those kittens.

I noticed a huge jump in comments today. And that is attributed to Entrecard and their partnership with SezWho. I am very excited about this and things are getting better and better. I contacted IZEA and FuelMyBlog today and asked them about adding SezWho to their blogs in an effort to maybe increase comments. I know that as a Guest Blogger for them I really like it when people comment on what I have written. I just wrote a very good post called Seven Tactics to Manage Yourself I noticed that the post has 38 Diggs. I don’t think anything I ever posted had that many Diggs before. However there are no comments. If you have a spare moment please check out the post and tell me what you think. Thanks.

I went and bought a season Pass to Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on iTunes. It was only $4.00.

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14 thoughts on “Cat Fancy… PAD #1195”

  1. I’m having one heck of a time with the Sezwho on my blog. :/ the code is perfect, yet the appearance is all screwy. I don’t think I will keep it around much longer. It’s different for every layout though. My photo blog doesn’t like it at all. It’s totally screwing with my titles of my posts.

    I will check out your PPP post. I’m sure it’s ace. 🙂

  2. It is very interesting post. Thanks for sharing this post. The picture of cat is also very nice thanks.

  3. The good news is that we are partnering with another company to help improve our comment integration across sites and to help grow the community and that will be happening very soon (think weeks not months) .. Can’t say who at the minute though

    Paul OFlaherty’s last blog post..Irony in advertising

  4. loved the kitties color..its is so furry wurry and cuteeee..yes she really looks like a little cheeky rascal 😉

  5. I haven’t seen the code do much to any of my blogs. It integrates pretty well with this one. I’ll check out how it looks on yours when I visit today.

    Thanks for commenting on the IZEA Post. I appreciate it.

  6. Paul,
    That sounds great, however I’d love not to have to sign up for yet another thing. Too bad you aren’t partnering with SezWho. I think you might be missing out on the Entrecard crowd and they are pretty large.

  7. Host,
    The cat is a he, thanks for reading the post. Oh and yes I removed all signs of links to your site, can we all say spam?

  8. Daisy,
    The shelter is doing pretty well. I have to update the many photos I have of pets on Flickr with ADOPTED messages. And that is great.

  9. Paul,
    Good to know and I just got the Blogger update e-mail from you and that is something I’ve been wanting to try since Blog World Expo last year. I guess I will now get my chance, and of course sign up for it.

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