Seattle, WA … PAD #1203

Seattle, WA ... PAD #1203

Sure, some people would capture the fish tossing at the Public Market or the Space Needle. Nope, I was walking along the water and saw this sculpture/fountain/water feature. I liked how the water was falling in all sorts of directions at once. So that was pretty nice. I walked around Downtown with my friend Steve. We saw all sorts of things and made a few stops including one to a brew pub called The Pike. That place had some good beer, or so I was told by Steve. He got the IPA and enjoyed it very much.

We saw many things as we walked around. Luckily we were able to get in and out of the city before the traffic got rough. And the way the roads out here are all under construction of some form or another the traffic was going to be fierce. A few things that we saw were the Space Needle of course, I got a shot of that from afar as we didn’t have enough time to walk to it. I got a shot of Steve and I at the Public Market using my XShot 2.0. I even took a video while we walked around the Public Market. I took a better one but it is took large to upload. I had put the camera on the XShot 2.0 and held it up high like an umbrella taking video as we walked. You should have seen the looks people gave me and the camera. Check out how people react to the camera on a stick.

On our way back to the car we stopped at the downtown Harley Davidson shot and I picked up a few pins and a long sleeve T-Shirt with the remainder of my Harley Chrome Cash. Outside the Harley Shop I saw these two nannies pushing 6 passenger kids strollers. It was like a dogwalker with kids instead of dogs. Then there was this cool sculpture that moved outside of a giant museum.

On the way back from downtown Steve took my camera and tried to get a photo of Mt. Rainier and then he proceeded to take photos of me, of the radio and I think that was it.

Tonight I hit The Keg with Steve and Ryan. We had some delicious meals. I had Steak and King Crab Legs. Thanks Deadliest Catch guys.

And with this trip I am 5 states away from visiting all 50. Still need Hawaii, Alaska, Mississippi, Utah, and Arizona.

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11 thoughts on “Seattle, WA … PAD #1203”

  1. I *big puffy heart* my XShot. People ask me about the “camera on a stick” all the time, when they see me using it. I have loaned it to people temporarily at ball games, and I always tell them where they can buy their very own.

    Thank you for introducing me to this most wonderful camera tool! 😀

    Christine’s last blog post..Stuph to look forward to?

  2. Tomi,
    King crab legs were delicious. I don’t know about finishing this year but hopefully in my lifetime.

  3. Christine,
    There is a contest coming up soon where owners of the original XShot will have a chance to win an XShot 2.0. It is stronger and can take more weight. Much more rigid.

  4. Well Filmizle and Hikayeleri,
    I suspect, and I might be wrong about this, that you two might be one in the same and that you two might be spammers. I’m just thinking this because well, the links that I removed went to some pretty spammy stuff.

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