Changing of the Guard…

Changing of the Guard...
Photo-A-Day #1207

I flew to London last night. For me it should be 11:24am and I haven’t slept yet. When I landed I landed with 3 other people from work. We wedged ourselves into a Cab for the ride to the hotel. Saved some money there. Then we dropped our things into our rooms and went back downstairs 15 minutes later.

My first impression of the room was very nice. A large bathroom and sink area. I couldn’t find the lights. I went and tried them all then saw a slot on the wall. This slot is for your hotel key card. You put it there when you are in the room so the lights will come on and take it out when you leave so the lights go out automatically.

I didn’t quite understand this so I slipped my keycard int he slot and out. The lights went on. About 30 seconds later when I was comfortably seated they went out and I was in total darkness. Funny indeed.

I went and meet the other folks and we went down the way and caught the Tube for a trip to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. It sounds so epic and amazing but instead it is a lot of standing around and waiting and then you don’t see anything because you didn’t get up to the bars on the fence around the Palace. I however did get some video footage of the guards marching by. I used my XShot and my Sanyo camera to get 37 more inches above the crowd. But then I tried to see the screen on the Sanyo which swivel all over the place, but the sun was catching it so it was hard to see the screen.

While I was taking photos on the ground level my traveling compatriots were up on a large fountain/sculpture and we got separated after the changing of the guard. So I went off on my own and walked and walked. So getting many shots in front of things was great because I had my XShot 2.0. A couple of people talked to me about it and that was pretty cool. I went by many places and since I did not have a map I am not sure what they all were. It is hot here and I was sweating like a fiend. I finally stopped for lunch (Fish and Chips no less) and then walked to the Piccadilly Circus Tube station and made my way back to the hotel. I was out and about from around 9:00am – 3:00pm. And for the past two hours I’ve been catching up online, talking with Allison via web cam (free baby) and working on a few pictures that will be part of my London Flickr Set.

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