Little Piggies

Little Piggies
Photo-A-Day #1226

Today started off with a goodbye to Mom and Dad. They are taking Shelby’s truck up to Canada with their friends Don and Alice. Good, gives them a chance to get away and relax. I hope they relax.

We then had a nice big brunch with our friend Mike. He picked up blueberries, orange juice and bacon for us and Allison made pancakes and scrambled eggs. Very tasty.

Allison had an event this afternoon so it was Daddy and Eva time for the rest of the day. I packed up Eva and we went over to the World War One Memorial Park in town. This is a small park with a small zoo of domestic type animals like goats, donkeys, llamas and pot bellied pigs. The zoo has some new additions in the form of 2 new pot bellied pigs. These little piggies were so cute and would come right up to the fence and stick their snouts out so you could pet them. Eva is somewhat interested in the animals and we walked around the place twice. I didn’t realize till I got home and started doing some searches that there were also Jacob Sheep at the zoo. Cool.

We also went to Julia’s garden. Julia’s garden is a memorial garden to Julia Cekala. She was 9 years old when she passed away and she loved gardening, playing outdoors and especially loved the World War One Memorial Park. The Julia Foundation was formed to raise money for causes close to Julia’s heart and to help the community at large. One of those causes was recreation, she was a very active girl despite her illnesses. The park was built and it is a wonderful place. There are many gardens for touching plants, for butterflies and for birds, all well maintained. There is even a giant slide down into the garden. A water piece that kids can play with and these beautiful butterfly benches.

Butterfly Bench

There is even a full sized statue of a unicorn.


The park is a wonderful place for kids.

We stayed there for about an hour then came home, played. Eva is getting so good at standing up and pulling herself up on the furniture. Today she held my finger and stayed standing. It was pretty cool.

A short nap followed by dinner, more playing and a bath. Momma came home just in time to put Eva to bed. We had a very nice day.

Oh and today I finally watched the special on Randy Pausch that Allison taped for me. So this morning I was all sorts of teary eyed and I haven’t even watched the whole Last Lecture yet. I did however finish reading the book on my trip home from Montana.

I went light on the eating today as tomorrow is a big day, it is Company Picnic day and well, Lobsters, Fried Dough, you name it I’m eating it.

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