Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Maxin' and Relaxin'
Photo-A-Day #1228

At lunch today one of my co-workers says that there is some trucker sunbathing in the parking lot. Apparently this guy pulled his truck into the parking lot to catch some Z’s and also to get a quick tan. I figure he parked the truck like that so that no one “on the ground” could see him, however we were the eye in the sky. Luckily this guy didn’t mind having tan lines.

Today was an absolute nuts day. So crazy indeed because two awesome things happened today and they both involve Blogging and trips.

First Off I found out this morning that I won the FuelMyBlog/Picapp Blog World Expo Contest. I posted the most picapp images over on my blog Google is Not God. Yes there was some strategy involved. I wanted to win and win badly so I didn’t want everyone to be checking up on how many photos I posted. I also posted on average 10 images a day, that would be 5 posts with 2 images each, from July 18 to August 15th. The work paid off because I ended up with the most and no I have won airfare to and from the event, hotel and admission to the expo. Can you say WICKED SWEET!!!

The other crazy thing that happened today was that I was contacted by WOM World / Nokia. They sent me a Nokia 3555 to test out and review a while back and I did so. Then I sent that phone back and got a Nokia 5310 to test. I was planning on writing up my review of that phone today but before I could I got the e-mail from Colin. You see, WOM World / Nokia is teamed up with NokiaProductions to create a user generated feature length movie that will be directed by Spike Lee. Well that is great and all but that is not the best news. Colin e-mailed me to ask if I wanted to go to LA to film some famous movie death scenes to enter into the competition to be in the movie. Here is what he said.

I’m writing to invite you to take part in a mobile film challenge in LA on August 20th as part of a new Nokia project. We’re only inviting 4 people, and it should be a pretty exciting day, so I hope you can join us.

I know you have already been involved in Nokia Productions, in our mobile film challenge, we hope to get you involved in creating some content for the movie, and generally being part of a unique social media experiment. We’d like to challenge you to come out with us into L.A. and re-create 2 famous movie death scenes, using whatever props and locations you can find. We’ll lend you Nokia devices to record the scenes and one of the project’s assistant directors will be with you to advise and help out. We will cover travel costs and fly you over to LA as well as supplying a hotel for the evening. The scenes will be submitted to the Nokia Productions site with the chance of being used in the final film, and you can rally your community to give you live online help and feedback throughout the day and submit death scenes of their own. We’ll then head to a Dave Matthews concert in the evening to relax!

The best death scene submitted to the site is also in with a chance of winning a ticket to the Hollywood premiere of the final film.

I asked Allison if she would mind me being gone for a night or two to LA. She was cool with it because of the awesome opportunity. I then asked my boss and she was wicked excited about it. You might recall that I’ve made a video or two in the past, this time however I have to recreate a famous death scene from a movie, actually two of them. I’m not sure if I will have actors or anything but I want to at least do the scene from the Princess Bride where The Dread Pirate Roberts squares off with the Sicilian. I think that brings plenty of comedy to death. Before you go balking at filming death scenes you have to realize what the whole project is about, the project theme is humanity and it is in three parts, Birth, Life and Death.

I get my flight info and hotel booked tomorrow. What a quick notice and turn around. So incredible. I got the itinerary later this evening and it looks like a jam packed day.

Wednesday 20/08/08

11:00 – Meet with Colin & Donna from WOM World / Nokia and other attendees for meet and greet at the Hotel Angeleno on the crossroads of Brentwood and Bel Air.

11:30 – Create Famous Movie Death Scene One

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Create Famous Movie Death Scene Two

15:30 – Head back to Hotel for time online, to upload created content, and mash-up final Death Scenes

17:00 – Dinner at Hotel

18:30 – Leave Hotel (in taxi’s) heading to the Staples Center for Dave Matthews Band concert.

23:00approx – Leave Staples Center and head back to Hotel (in taxi’s)

Thursday 21/08/08

09:00 – Breakfast and Hotel checkout.

10:00 – Depart Hotel

So all in all this was a pretty amazing day to be a blogger, and specifically to be Me as a blogger. I knew that accepting the chance to review the phone with no pretense no compensation it would someday pay off. I also knew that if I worked really hard I’d get to go to Blog World Expo again. I just can’t believe that it all came together on one single day.

I also got my Moo cards for IZEAFest 2008, Blog World Expo and for this trip for Nokia Productions.

Does anyone have any ideas for things I should film as famous death scenes. I won;t do major blood and guts ones, something different, not gory, not terribly violent or bloody. Something that will stand out. My first choice is the scene from Princess Bride. I need a couple other ideas though. Please Help.

21 thoughts on “Maxin’ and Relaxin’”

  1. I’m trying to think about famous death scenes and my mind is drawing a big old blank.

    But wow, how cool is it to be you! I would LOVE to go back to BWE, but Izeafest is it for me. Even if I won the BWE trip I don’t think I should go. And I’m thrilled for you and the Nokia thing. That rocks!

    Alli’s last blog post..I love it when people take my suggestions!

  2. O-M-GADZ!! How friggin awesome is that, Congratulations Drew! Your on your way to being the most famous of bloggers, can I have your autograph? LOL

    I would check youtube if I were you for some movie death compilations, get some ideas and rescources ya know. Good luck! 🙂

    Chica’s last blog post..Life and death with a sunflower

  3. Alli,
    It is funny, my mind drew a blank at death scenes too. However I have one and will watch a few movies today to get some other idea.
    BWE should be fun, it will be nice to make some new connections as many people from last year won’t be going. I got all new business cards in the mail yesterday from Moo. They are sweet. Looking forward to IZEAFest very much.

  4. Hi Nick,
    It will be a pleasure to meet you. are you around and online today so I can ask you a few questions? You should have my e-mail with this message, please let me know if I could ask a few questions of you later today.

  5. Chica,
    You can have my autograph, that makes me laugh because my friend Stephen of Stephen the Dog always writes crazy letters to people and the last thing he asks for is their autographs. How fun.

    This opportunity is a wild one. I still need to find out my travel stuff and haven’t heard yet. My contact is on a plane over the Atlantic right now too. I’m a bit nervous that details are not firmed up totally though. I’ll check youtube. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Mo,
    Am I the jerk for exposing this dude’s naptime. Because I myself have wanted to climb under my desk once in a while to get some shuteye. I don’t disparage him that.

    I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the winnings lately.

  7. What is wrong with taking a nap in the middle of the day. I believe truck drivers are generally paid by the miles they drive not by the hour. There are also limits on the number of hours they can drive in a day. Personally I think it is great the guy picked a large parking lot with lots of free space. He also made sure he was out of the way and not bothering anyone. I commend this man he is the kind of driver I want on the roads with me.

    Concidentally I have meet him before his name is George and he Drives for New Penn. He lives in PA and makes a drive to Boston once a week. If you ever get the change check out his truck cab he has all these awesome velvet paintings he has done of jungle animals hung up in his cab.

    Super nice guy and very down to earth.

  8. Stephen,

    I think that taking a break to stay awake for safety sake is a great thing. Next time you see him get an autographed picture.

  9. That is absolutely fantastic. Congratz on both parts and also the trucker sun tanning. I hope you have a fun time on your adventures.

  10. Laura,
    Thanks so much. I appreciate that. I am both overwhelmed and a bit nervous for tomorrow and every excited about Blog World Expo.

  11. Drew,

    I’m so excited for you…knock ’em dead! Hope you win, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!

  12. Thanks very much Christine,
    I will have plenty of stories to tell I am sure. This is all so strange and cool. Thanks again for the time.

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