Turtle Reflections

Turtle Reflections
Photo-A-Day #1248

Today Dan, Marcia, Allison, Eva and I went to the Palm Beach Zoo. We had a really nice day and were very happy that we had a family membership to Capron Park Zoo because with our card we got in for 1/2 price. It is so worth getting a zoo membership.

I took a ton of photos at the Zoo and won’t be posting them all here because I created a new Florida Flickr Set for all of my photos from Florida. There you can see the alligators, birds and monkeys that we saw at the zoo. Overall the Palm Beach Zoo was a really nice one. There were some exhibits that were tough for visitors to see the animals but other than that it was really nice. There were even presentations by animal trainers.

We spent the afternoon there and walked through all the exhibits. We even had lunch there at the Tropics Cafe. The food was pretty decent too. After lunch We put Eva in the stroller and she slept for the rest of our trip. She was wiped out too. I look forward to going back here when she is older so she can play in the Interactive Play Fountain and enjoy the Animal Contact Area.

After the zoo we made a trip to Target to pick up swim diapers for Eva and some groceries as well. Then it was back to the house so we could change and hit the pool. I took a few shots in the pool as well, with the underwater camera. Eva enjoyed the water very much and it is nice that we can bring her over to the water every day. We’ll have to blow up her water seat so she can float around too. I think we’ll spend some time there tomorrow and just relax.

2 thoughts on “Turtle Reflections”

  1. Awww. The turtle is adorable. I always find that you never know how reflections on the water are going to translate once you look at the photos. Of course, some are no good because of the reflections but sometimes one hits it perfectly, or one gets some surprises from other little creatures that you didn’t notice while you were taking the photo, but were just under the water.

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  2. Houndsgood,
    Thanks. I took a couple of shots and then noticed the reflection so I set up the shot differently to get the reflection as it is now. Worked out pretty well too.

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