Future IZEA A-List Blogger

Future IZEA A-List Blogger
Photo-A-Day #1254

It is the end of Day 2 of IZEAFest. So much happened during the day and the weekend. I have so much to blog about, people who were awesome, events that were awesome and just such a fantastic time. I have a bunch of photos that I will upload to Flickr soon, but I need the time to write up descriptions. So today is short and sweet. Since there are so many great people to talk about I cannot do it justice in this one post I will be putting up a series of IZEAFest posts. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Future IZEA A-List Blogger”

  1. Jules,
    It is freaky how things have changed so much. By the time Eva is blogging, if she wants to, things will be insanely different.

  2. It is so nice that you were able to have Eva at Izea for a short time. Being around you and Allison should be enough encouragement for her but being around all of those bloggers there is like insuring she’ll be blogging as soon as she can talk via podcasts 😉

    Connies last blog post..New Blog Look

  3. Connie,
    Thanks, We were very happy that our friend Mo could take care of Eva all weekend for us. She was a lifesaver and the fact that she had so much fun all weekend was better than anything. We’ll see what comes with Eva and blogging.

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