Peaceful Slumber – PAD #1019

Daddy is watching Eva while Allison is off to knitting class. I am glad Allison is getting back to normal routine. She is a fine knitter and has made so many nice things.

Eva was calmed down and taken to resting with either 1 or both of her arms up by or behind her head.

I returned the bluetooth headphones. They worked fine but I could not get them low enough for comfortable listening for all songs. I am going to shop around. Also they would not play music through my computer. The device was paired correctly but would only play a snippet of the song then go silent. What I did like was that the charger was the same as my phone.

I can’t believe that Heath Ledger died. It will be so weird watching The Dark Knight knowing that he is dead.

Oh, and Eva is screaming like a banshee at the moment, got to get her bottle.

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8 thoughts on “Peaceful Slumber – PAD #1019”

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t say that you were *babysitting* Eva. I hate it when fathers use that term when they are home watching their own kids. It’s babysitting when someone other than the parents it watching the baby.

    Also, smart daddies know that “when mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!” I’m glad that Allison gets some time away to spend with her knitting buddies and do something she enjoys. I’m sure she craves adult companionship, after staying at home with Eva all day.

    You’re such a good dad!

  2. I wonder why babies do that, the arms behind head thing, my Mattman used to do that, it was so cute. About Heath though, yeah your right, it will be a little weird, I just posted about him awhile ago.

  3. I’m with Christine…that is a pet peeve of mine.

    You are a great father!

    Guess what I am watching? A Knight’s Tale. I had to get out the DVD and have my own little “memorial” for Heath.

  4. Hi Christine,

    I actually correct people (in a most polite manner) when they say I am baby sitting. I am the child’s father I don’t baby sit. It is one of those things that irks me too. I am sensitive to the ways that a father’s role in a child’s life can be diminished either by insensitivity or ignorance. Sometimes people just call it that. Also I was not the coach when she was born I was the baby’s father.

    I am happy to see Allison get back into knitting with the ladies. She is definitely a social person and needs that interaction with someone who can talk beyond cooing and squeals, which of course are quite cute but not for adult conversation.

  5. Chica,

    About Eva, She loves to do the arms behind the head thing. I know I do it a lot and she is mimicking me.

    About Heath, It was so unexpected that it is shocking.

  6. Jules,

    Allison’s favorite is “10 things I hate about you”. I liked A Knight’s Tale, it was cheesy but I liked it, there is a special edition that I want to get too. It also had Alan Tudyk of Firefly so that was cool.

    And thanks for the nice words about me being a good dad.

  7. Hi Wilson, thanks for the comment. While I appreciate an offer for a link exchange I do not do that on this blog. Only blogs that host my photo-a-day widget get links on my sidebar. That is how I run things here. Thanks again for the comment.

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