Pet of the Week – Molly

Molly- Female, very shy-needs a quiet home. Molly was very new to the shelter when I photographed her. She is also very shy and needs some special love from a patient person. You can find her at The North Attleboro Animal Shelter.

8 thoughts on “Pet of the Week – Molly”

  1. Thanks Jenna,
    Molly was very sweet when I saw her. I’ve been doing this weekly with our local animal shelter. It helps me improve my photography and helps them get some exposure.

  2. Hey, cool shot. What camera / lens are you using? I’m assuming you shoot Nikon… I only use Nikon equipment… Now I’m eying the D700!

  3. John,

    I shoot Nikon, I have sigma lenses however. I have a sigma 28-70 and that is what I used to shoot this image. I also have the 70-300mm macro lens. That one is lots of fun.

  4. Molly is gorgeous and sweet looking cat…Hoping she will find a best home for her…Which she can have the best care she needed…

  5. Bob,
    I removed your links and gave you this name. Molly is sweet, I’m not sure if she has a home yet but she should get one.

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