Photo-A-Day #365 04/08/06

One year of Photo-A-Day complete.

today we visited Allison’s grandparents John and Eva and had lunch with them and Marcia and Dan. Then we went and visited Bob and Jackie. After our day in Fitchburg we headed to Medway to an open house at Andy and Rondi’s. We got there early and had pizza before the folks in the neighborhood came by. Andy and Rondi got to use their new fire pit and I played park ranger. We made s’mores and watched the neighborhood kids play manhunt and the dogs play games with each other too. Andy made a new flavor of ice cream too, this time he made a chocolate base with chocolate covered pretzels and white chocolate chips. Some good stuff Andy.

Photo-A-Day finishes out year one with a photo taken with the timer on the lamp setting in front of the fire pit. I had to lighten it a bit so you could tell who everyone was, Me, Allison, Rondi and Andy. Tomorrow I’m 32 and year #2 of Photo-A-Day begins.